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Joey Ansreozzi
Your show was great. I can't wait to see the project all done. You are the cooliest person ever. I loved the moterciycle part. You are really good at that. I loved your dads face. It was cool. I also liked the part where you took a piece of your heart out. You are also very funny. And I like that too.

Steven Lowder
youre show at Santa Clarita Elementary School was Awesome Thanks for the soda bread recipe cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Dude, when you came to American falls was great. I loved the music! Probally cuz, I'm Irish also!!!! Please come again?!?!

dear patrick, I really liked your assembly at my school (kitayama). signed, owais p.s. can you put my name on The Singiture Project owais sarfaraz

Eli Perez
I like the performance you did at centennial school olympia washington, have you ever thought to get in to the guiness book of world records for the biggest work of art made out of signatures?

Steph M.
I'm from Liberty Elementary! I have a queston. How many parts of the picture have you finished??????

Stephanie M.
Hi!I am from Liberty Elemetary School. I really liked your presentation. My mom and I will make some Irish Soda Bread soon!!! 1-20-05

Hello,we enjoyed your show a kitayama. Thanks

Ashley Blake
I saw your performance at my school, Wellington Elementary. It was fantastic. I bet your project will turn out beautiful!

Colton Mobly
Hi Patrick. I was at your show for Centennial Elementary, Olympia, Wa. I enjoyed it very much.

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