The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hannah Harpel
I go to Centennial and was listening to you talk about all your art works. I thought that they were all so awesome!!!

Peter Lindgren
Hi Patrick! I really enjoyed your show at Centennial in Olympia today. See ya!

millanda zhou
Dear Patrick Dunning, I liked the production you showed to us. The music, the pictures, the ultra sonic pictures and the morse code was great. We were glad you could come to Wellington Elementary! I am in the third grade. I know how to type without looking at the keys. I'm good at spelling, reading, math, typing and lots of other things. The Signature Project was great! from, millanda

Shasta Griffin
Dear Patrick Dunning, My name is Shasta Griffin.I am a 6th grader at Wellington Elemntry. You came to my school on Tuesday 1-10-05. Your presentation was so brilent. You are a talented gutare player and I have never heard anyone play the flute as buitiful as your brother. Your Signature Project has inspyered me and my friends to do a much much much smaller project than yours. Your art is butifull and I am hopping to see more. Shasa Griffin

Patrick you are the BEST. That was the best assembiy EVER because you were so intresting. I'm A lucky girl!Wellington Elementary couldn't stop talking about you. You are the BEST Patrick!

Tyler from Wellington
Hay Patrick ,Dunning your show at Wellington was the best assembly in all my 5 years i've been at Wellington elemetary. Tonight my mom is going to make Irish Soad Bread. THANKS FOR COMEING TO WELLINGTON! See you a later dude.P.S. my teacher says that you would be a great sales man.

I am a student from Wellington in Woodinville. I thought your presentation was superior,outstanding, and you're a great guitar player. What you did today made me spellbound. keep it up. From You Pal Shea

Jane Rose
I loved your show when you performed at Wellington. Your paintings are fabulouse!!!

That is awsome what you did. Please tell me where it will be hanged. Your asembly was awsome Your so cool Britt Sanders

Your assembly at school today was awesome! Please tell me when it is going to be hanged and when. sencirly, Kody Sanders

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