The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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dear Patrick Dunning, that is really cool. Could you put these names on there please, Austin,Anton,Tracey,Dan,Steve& Mary?

Ethan Tsirulik - 7 years old
Patrick - I loved the Signature Project. Thank you for coming to Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex and Union.

William Reinertson
I saw your presentation a little under a week ago at the Hopkinton High School. I found your type of art very interesting and exiting. Great

hey i saw your work its was really cool i really admire it it was really incredible and its going to take some timew but u really have patiants

Dear Mr.Dunning, I really enjoyed the show when you came to Hilldale! I think the signature project is amazing! Everything is wonderful, the art, the music, the whole idea! It reminded me everything about the "circle of life". Rigth now, I'm interested in art, and when you came to my school, it gave me new ideas for so many things. I think Irealand is beatiful. One day I would want to go there! Thank you for comming to my school, this show was really amazing! I'll always remmember it.

Hi! I am from Hilldale School in Pine brook,New Jersey. I really injoyed the signature project. Thank you for coming! Bye!!

Lynne Kall
Dear Patrick, Thank you so much for sharing your work with us at Hilldale School in Montville, NJ. I am amazed at your tapestry and feel very priviledged to place my signature on it. You are a truely gifted man. Thank you again.

hi patrick i really think this is a cool project. i got to sighn it was really asome. it'll be fun to se what it looks like when you have everyone's signature.

Bethany and Shaniqua
Hey we really liked your performance iwas the first class to see it that day.I loved the part when you did the motorcycle thingy it was really cool hope to see you again!!

Liked your show today (10/22/04) at the Greenfield Middle School!

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