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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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nishanth vel
I really liked your show. I was in the hopkinton middle school where I saw this. thanks email back please

than you for coming to white brook middle school to tell us about this was really cool you let some of us sign it. i made the soda bread recipe and it was grat! thanks for coming! sincerely, danielle

hey man that was a cool painting and all the hiden stuff man, that was heavy.

alix griben
hey, pat cool assembly and guitar

Dear Patrick, After seeing your AWASOME show, I wanted to try to keep in touch, You dont know me but I have an interest, like really, in the whole Irish thing, that may be beacause Im Irish (Well part)but still. Again your show was GREAT! (If you do decide to keep in touch my E-mail is - if not I unders stand :) ) Bye.

I saw your show at the greenfield middle school. i absolutly loved it!!!

I really liked your project!Hope you can come to greenfield middle school again soon!!!!!!!

Jennifer Fox
Hello, Mr. Dunning! I would like to thank you for coming to my Hopkinton school today. I enjoyed your presentation, and I am honored to meet such a creative person, and take part in this piece of beautiful art. I can't wait to get the poster I am ordering, and go to see the final piece. Thank you.

sam and greg
we enjoied your proformence at white brook middle school! send us a e-mail back so we can talkl about things.

Micaela from Cummings school gr. 3 winthrop
Yo, Patrick, I really enjoyed it when you came to my school. I told some of my family about you and they said you sounded creative.

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