The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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mikayla dejon and kacee
we loved the show it was the best we have had at san benito (and we would no cuz we are in the 6th grade from mikayla dejon and kacee ps we were sittin in the first row on the benmches in the middle

i come from hilldale school.i loved it

Melinda Conway
Hi, I saw your presentation when you presented at White Brook middle School and thought it was really neat.

Laure Ross
hey patrick, YOU ARE THE COOLEST! white brook does rock! your show ws so cool today! (10-18-04) thank you so much for coming, and i have a question... was that really your brother on the phone or was that a recording? because i don't think the school would let you call someone across the ocean! well, thanks a bunch for coming! i think it's great that your doing this! peace-lauren

Emma Schneider`
Dear Patrick, I loved your show at Holy Trinity School! I hope you will come again soon!!! love, Emma

jamie evans
your project is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yanitsa Mihaylova
Dear Mr.Dunning, I really enjoyed your presentation.I think your project is amazing!Thank you and good luck!!

Andrew Nelson
I really liked your performance on Monday at Nativity Parish School. I hope to see it when it is done. I think it is a cool idea to make it out of signatures. Well. Good luck

i really like your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evan Drees
Hi patrick I liked your presentation at Cure of Ars!!!!! yoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! haha I remember that. I keep wondering how you did that red heart thing in your finger????

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