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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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andrea beilner
i say you at my school you are totally aswome. i espesily like the mors code! cool!

sam hershgold

patrick, u r sooooooo cool!!!!!!!

ky and lauren
your asembly was the best

Sandra Mejia
Thank you for coming to my school Morrison Elemetary in Norwalk,CA. I really like your program and your art.

Mara Geriene
Dear Patrick, thank you for comming to my school today (4/30/04 woodmoor) I enjoyed your art it was so amazing and wonderful my friend and I we kept on saying wow. I loved every part of the show. I'm in 4th Grade and please come back. Mara Geriene p.s.Baley your cat is so cute if you can please bring her next time.

Nikolay Osokin
Dear Pat, I am a student from Woodmoor, one of the 890 students to see your presentation. I was amazed that one can think of so many ideas. The picture of your father is amazing. Your brother's music touched me amazingly. When you're done, I hope you make the front page. Anyone can make a powerpoint, but no one can be compared to your instincts of where things go, and why. You know, I think you're that close to cutting your ear off! I think that when your project is done, you'll be standing side-by-side with the worlds most famous people: Mozart, Galileo, Apollo-11 crew, all of them. As my mother says, "It's good to wish, because if you have everything, it gets REALLY boring". Nikolay Osokin, E-6, Mrs. Draper's Class. P.S. I loved your imagination with the big ultra-violet thing. P.S.S. I'm thinking about buying one of your brothers CDs.

Jackson Gardner
I saw your show today at school at Woodmoor Elementary. I thought it was awesome. Yooooooooooooooooooo

Jordan Duffield
I'm a student of Woodmoor Elementary and I really liked the assembly you did on 4/30/04. I showed my grandma, dad and friend this web site and they really like it. Soon, I plan to show my mom. The project you're working on is really cool!!!!!!!

Patrick-I really liked your show! It was very exqusite, exotic, and impressive. It was really neat how you made your hand holding on to the bird. The other really cool thing is how over 1,000,000 signatures are going to make that huge picture and make a difference. I also liked how you made the half eye and so when the water was calm and you could see the reflection it looked like a whole eye. (Student at Woodmoor Elementry)

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