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Cory Radisch, Principal
This performance was astounding. Mr. Dunning provides a sense of genius that is remarkable. For educators, he is the quintessential reason why we must always believe that our students possess some kind of brillance. Truly inspiring!! Should be on broadway.

Lois Gallt Accardi
I feel surrounded by the energy of your work. A truly stunning display of talent, art, music and method. Your decision to include individuals through their signature pulls us together in such a divine and spiritual way. I am deeply touched. Thank you Patrick.

Patrick J. Lott
As assistant principal at Bernardsville middle school I see a lot of assemblies. Without a doubt this was one of the most inspiring performances I've ever seen. Patrick Dunning is a genius, an artist and a great performer. The students were in awe of this amazing man, as was I!

Mike Kennedy
Saw the show this afternoon in Randolph, NJ. Brilliant,inspiring, magical. Twenty-eight years of teaching, and this was the best thing I've ever taken my students to. Thank you.

Joan Harper
Patrick, What I saw today was profound and deeply moving. You have a gift that is very rare. You have the ability to open up this world to everyone and allow us to see the infinite richness of existence. I will never forget this. Thank you.

I am so blessed to have been involved in this project. My signature along with my whole senior class of 2009 is in this mural. And I can't wait to see the finished project.

jon halvorson
What an amazing show! What an amazing experience! Thank you, Patrick!

Lucy Clark
Your show today opened our spirits, hearts and minds! One of my third grade students walked out of the assembly saying, "I get it! I get it now! Everything is connected!" Thank you for your great gift!

Ana Perez
I just watched the presentation today at Alexander Hamilton.(New Jersey) I was absolutley speechless. It's deep. It's love. It's life. And it's passion. It has changed my life. Thank you for sharing that with my class!

Alex N
That was an amazing presentation! It describes the true meaning of Life, and what we can do, as humans. I would be honored to sign and help you complete The Signature Project. I was at the Alexander Hamilton presentation on october 22, 2010. I am ten years old.

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