The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Thomas Laney
Nice presentation.

Trevor Krabbe
I enjoyed your presentation. I truely enjoyed how you creativly connected those different types of media together. I have a small request. Could you please put my name on it? I have never been a part of something amazing such as this, and if you did this for me, I would be eternally grateful.

Matt Epstein
The assembly was cool. I'm from Hillside Middle School. You just went to my school Monday. I thought the music by your brother was pretty cool. Your idea is awesome. I like the picture with the signatures. I want to sign. That's not fair. Just kidding! Anyways, Bye.

Chris Embry
yooooooooooooooo! ha ha just kidding! But I thought your presentation was really cool!

Juliana Ferri
Thankyou so much for your presentation at my school i thought you were a lot better than Retro Bill that was a guy that came to our school before you.

Kristina Marzinzik
Dear Patrick, I saw your show at James Foster Elementary and it was great!!!!- Kristina

I really liked the show you did at the Boquet Canyon Elemtary School. Can you come back and do it again for the future Boquet Canyon childern!!!!!

Annie Blazer
I loved your show. I can't wait untill your picture is finished!

Courtney Skade
i really love your art work and the project that your doing!!!! when do you think youll be finished????????? Always, Courtney Skade

Carey Hayes
Hi! I am a big fan. I was wondering if I can somehow interview you if you can PLEASE email me back. I am from Bouquet Canyon Elementary School and am doing a article fo the school newspaper the Bouquet Blabber on the Signature Project bcause i thought it was so cool and inspiring. If it will refreash your memory more, you just visited our school on 3/4/04. I sure hpe you can email me back :)! (P.S. i am in Miss Laporte's class your favorite class that you gave that beautiful banner of your masterpiece);) Scincerly, Carey Hayes

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