The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Erica Anderson
Hi i was at the St.Mary's presantation. I LOVE IT. i did not sign my name but i really want too. I was wondering how you find the people to sing it? Were do you go? and if posible how i could sign! This project is so Neat a i love iT Best of Luck Erica Anderson

Claire C.
OMG! ur show was so cool! i loved it! i wanna go c it again, it was sweet! thanks for telling me ur tricks! it was sweet! thanks!

Ryan Vinyard
I watched your presentation at St.Marys and I thought it was wonderful. I am a 7th grader and I signed your painting! I only could fit Ryan Vinyrd though, because those rectangles are a little small. Your presentation was the best I have seen, and I hope you have fun traveling thorough America, and I hope you can complete this wonderful work of art. Sincerely Ryan Vinyard

Anna Gaumond
Today you came to my school, St. Mary's, to present your project. I would like to say that i enjoyed it a great deal! it is amazing to me how you thought up all of that stuff to do to the painting (the UV lighting, the morse code, the music, etc.). i could never imagine doing that. and the music was one of the best parts. you play the blues like i have never heard! Yoooooooooooooo! (ps, i'm a student!)


Matt Wing
Most art that I see is just the same old thing- a picture painted on a canvas. The Signature Project is the first art piece (though still in progress) that has captivated my attention. My favorite part about the project is the added ultraviolet and X-ray visible parts, such as your silhouette showing the seasons in Ultraviolet light or the music printed on Square 43. I really like your work! -Matt

Bryan Bolint
Your show was hella tight. I loved the guitar music. I was privilaged enough to sign the signature project. Thanks.

Samantha DeHaven
Mr. Dunning, You're presentation yesterday was really moving; what you're doing is a great thing! Though I didn't get a chance to sign my name, many of my friends did. I think that what you're doing is something very respectible. Being a freshman here at Junction City High School, it's not often that you see our school as a whole be so united in what the "buzz" around school is. It was awesome. Thanx for taking the time out of your life for our school, you were great! Thanx again, Sammy

Patrick, I am from Junction City High School. I thpought that the whole production that you did at my schoolwas phenomenon. I was esspecially touched when you said that you put all the names of the people in the 9/11 planes on the three rays of the sun. It truly brought tears to my eyes. You are much of an inspiration to me really because artistic abilities run in my family and I am very much of an artist myself. When you showed how much time you put into you project and how much heart and soul is in it I was amazed. Congradulations on your project I know that it's going to be a big hit! Good Luck! ~Mandy~ P.S. If there is any way that I could get some more of your brother's music it would be much appreciated because I absolutely love his music!

Lee Kauffman
Could you send me you brothers phone number because i want to call him.

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