The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Jenny Shinoki
I can't thank you enough for sharing your life and artistic vision with our school, Clyde Hill Elementary - Bellevue Washington USA. You have sparked something in our children that no doubt will have a ripple effect on their lives!

Stephanie Apostolou
Let me just start off by saying you are AMAZING!! This is what I call art...!! This project will go down in history and I am honored for being 1 of the million who got to sign it. Your presentation was brilliant!

Arleen Lindstedt (Cottage Hill)
I was touched by your brilliance, compassion, beauty, humor , creativity, and dedication to humanity encircling this "work in progress"..... Thank you for sharing your gift; your Light....(Art, music, cats and Guinness --- some of my favorite things!! :)

Melanie Allen
Hi! I am a student at South Sioux City High School, where you performed several days ago (I was in the group of the "goth" kids huddled together right up front, haha). I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved your presentation. It was such an awesome breath of fresh air from the usual slew of people coming in and lecturing us about not drinking, not doing drugs, and not having sex. Don't get me wrong. Those are all valid life lessons, but yours just hit so much closer to home.That and I loved the beautiful music that your brother has created.Thank you for the inspiration.

Ayla Rothman
Mr. Dunning, I was at the presentation you did in Joseph City, Arizona. I just wanted to say, it was beautiful, in every way possible. The music that played, coupled with the pictures, zooming in and out of the painting, and shifting through people's faces, touched every part of me, starting with the heart. You, and your brother, have beautiful souls, and use them to create beauty, visually, musically, and poetically. You are an artist, every kind of artist: you are a musician, a painter, a poet, and a comic. Your presentation was excellent. I just hope that other people, in other places that you travel to, enjoy it as much as I did today.

nancy jackson
and comment: a dear recipe kneaded into a Celtic knot...a man defined and refined through morse code...raceless in the air...binary pointillism...reflective eyesight...nuclear and way-extended family connections...Sir, you have brought a "seemless" bunch of fragments and woven them into a seamless expression of Life as it should be: whole, connected and beautiful.

Lyra W. Dickerson
Your presentation Saturday was pure genius. I have never seen anything like your use of multi-media. I have tried to describe what I experienced to several people but cannot convey the awesomeness of the project. Thank you for sharing your artistic talent and gift with the world.

Garrett Dillon Kessner

Nancy Newman
This was the best show I have seen here in 30 years.( Teacher in Spring Lake Heights N.J.)

Richard Freeman Evans
Patrick Dunning, I'm the art teacher that came up to you at Eastmont Junior High (East Wenatchee, WA). You don't live that far away, but your spectrum of consciousness spans the entire universe! Alex Grey, the artist, threads the seamless fabric of the creative process as a spiritual path and Ken Wilber writes some of the most profound books about connecting the multifarious evolution of human consciousness, but you have managed to present "it" as an experiential, spectacular, and elaborate extravaganza. You have exposed the higher mission of art and encourage others to break out and create with HEART AND SPIRIT. Experience the journey of this miraculous life and universe and grab onto as many eternal moments as one can.....I'll hold this vision in my minds eye...thanks for the glimpse of the unknowable.

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