The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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reyna hoinowski
your project is amazing! i would like to see it when sure you remember going to orange avenue school a student there in fourth teacher is mrs blanche and she signed it.well thats all thanks for coming to my school!bye

I love the project, Mr.Dunning came to my school.

Eileen Foley Faitoute
Thank you for a wonderful experience that we will feel for many days to come. Your show truly celebrates the human spirit in all it's simplicity/complexity. Thank you.

You were at my school and you were awesome!

Aileen Carr
The students were so excited following the assembly that they began their own signature project. Bravo!

Lynette Vargyas
You are still impacting my students a year later.... Today I was playing music as I worked in my room during lunch. It happened to be Celtic (actually Celtic/Alternative/Rock) when one of my students from last year walked into my room to help, as she often does. When she asked what kind of music what on, I told her Celtic. She then said (with no coaching from me) "Oh, do you remember the artist that came last year? He was Irish and he played Celtic music in the assembly. He was wonderful!" No more need to be said... you are still admired and appreciated by our students here at Mariposa. I know you will touch so many more lives in your travels.

Erica Harmon
I really loved your presentation. I also like your eye that you hung on the bridge in dublin and the signature project ides is great. HTank you for coming to my school.(clinton public school,a.k.a,CPS)

Erica Harmon
Thank you for coming to our school. I really enjoyed the presentation that you gave at my school (clinton public school) today. I think that your idea is really cool and I would likr to maybe sign it myself someday. Thanks again! :)

Today during school I had an assembly(6-8 grade) and I learned that there are more things in life that anyone could imagine. Mr. Dunning, you have inspired me to get up and go out and to get away from the 21st-century electronics! I now know that my meaning in life is the culinary arts. I looked INSIDE of my heart to know that. I will travel all over the world to see, taste, and smell new foods that could interest me. THANK YOU Mr.DUNNING! You have officially put a meaning to not only my life, but to everyone else you have inspired! Again, THANK YOU Mr.Dunning!

Amanda Hayward
We love your art alot and we are ridgedale middle school!!!!!!!!! I hope to see this project when it is finished. Also my best friend Gillian is irish and when she goes to ireland on day she well visit you shop.

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