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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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T. Chan jr
When you came to my schoool, (Hopkinton Middle School,Hopkinton,MA), I took a lot of things for granted. After seeing your show, I learned to appreciate life more. I admire your briliance with art,and how you could turn Morse code and signatures, as well as music, into art. I am in Ms. Hickey's 6th grade Social Studies class.

Drew Litavis
The presentation was amazing. As a middle school student, assembly's often are extremly boring. Your performance was the best school assembly I've seen in my life. You came to my school on 10-21-2004. You have such talent, and I've never seen someone more creative. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen, and I hope I can sign that big poster one day... thanks for the AWSEME experience.

Brian Bell
the show all out impressed me! a journey of art music life and and back again! it was all out brillaint. entertainment beyond belief how can I sign one of those pictures tues. oct. 19th 2004

Nichole Wonderling
I saw your show last Friday while volunteering at Moshannon Valley Elementary School. I was thoroughly amazed and enjoyed your performance completely! The best part was hearing my six year old son try to describe what he saw to his dad later that evening. Usually, we parents are totally in the dark when our kids come home and tell us a story like this - it was so nice to actually know what he was talking about and so funny to see his dad totally confused about the "red heart that flies out of the screen," and the "motorcycle ride where the police caught us." I am so happy that I was there on the day of your visit and was able to sign this remarkable work. Best wishes to you and thank you for sharing your talents!

Your project was very moving. I'm sure it gave the students something to think about. As a teacher I strive to teach the students about differences and tolerance. I too have lived in various places around the world and try to appreciate the cultures and new people I've met. I was really impressed with your message.

emri hamilton
could you please write my name on your signature project please and also I loved your performance it was the best assembly. I've ever seen i went to my volleyball practice and these girls said they had a yoyo assembly I told them about my assembly they said wow that's so cool and I really liked your eye it was really cool bye

Karla Roy
Hi Patrick, I am a parent of 4 students at Leonard Lawrence elementary in Bellevue, Nebraska. I am so impressed with your work. I thank you for allowing our children to be a part of this wonderful project. I know they walked away from it very enlightened by your work. The thought you put into this piece is remarkable.Thank you again!

Kristen Morton
I was a part of the audience 10/12/04 in Bellevue, Nebraska. This was a beautiful presentation. Perfect for students, especially at the elementary age to look at the circle of life through different eyes. As a school counselor, I would recommend schools to see this!

Amber Wells
Patrick was a speaker at a recycling conference and trade show I attended. He had the most amazing multimedia performance I have ever seen. It absolutely blew my mind, and he was truly a highlight of the whole conference. It's so hard to put into words how wonderful the performance was. You've just got to experience it for yourself.

Claudia D. Stromski
I recently experienced your presentation in Wenatchee, WA at the WSRA conference (May 3, 2004). I have not stopped talking about it to friends, family and co-workers. The show was magical, moving, captivating and inspirational. I was not aware of anything else in the room. Your music, art, and vision moved me deeply. Tears welled up during the "show" as I was over-whelmed with your passion to share your life connections through your unique, powerful, and creative venue. It far surpassed any presentation I have ever experienced. I am honored to have signed your Signature Project. I hope your travel to the midwest via the northern route is spectacular. I spoke with you during the signing and discussed your journey to the Chicago area and you decided to take the northern route. The vastness of some of that part of our country will, I am sure, be a great canvas for your continued journey. God Bless you in your travels. P.S. I absolutely love your CD. - Claudia D. Stromski

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