The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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You came to my middle school and I really wish that I could sign the progect. So I could be a part of something so magnificant and spectacular looking as the peice of art. I am a huge art fan and love what you did to the pictures especialy the one of your dad. I hope to sign the picture one day and become a part of the masterpeice you have created.

Logan Martell
it wuz cool!

Wow today you came to our school and i thought that the project that you have been working is really amazing! I think that you have came up with something so awesome it is honestly a beautiful concept with all of the music, thoughts, and ideas going into the project. It's truly spectacular. :]

Today, you came to my school and showed your project. I really wish I could sign one of the boards! The meaning was wonderful, and I hope that in later years, people will be able to figure everything out... like the music and symbols. Thanks for coming to our school!!!!! I hope one day I will be able to sign one of the boards. :)

natalie g.
today you came to my school. you should have let us sign. *sigh*

Aleena Furze
Hey Patrick, You came to Andrew Carnegie Middle School today and you rocked!!! It really inspired me, so mabey I'll start a big project too. I'm a student at the middle school. Thanks so much for coming!!!

Holly Charboneau
Wow, i remember when i was in the 8th grade at carnegie middle school, and i got to see the presentation. But the best part was that morning i went and talked to the artist, and told him about the scab on my knee. Later that day when he asked for 2 students to sign the paiting, he asked me to come on up. I was so proud, and wen my little sister came home today and started talking about the assembly today, i couldent have been more thrilled to hear it was about the signature project. This is no dought my fav. piece of art, and it is the reason i got into photography! Thanks for the art.

I saw you today at my school in fair oaks CA. you were amazing! You really inspired me with your pictures. io want to e a photgrapher when im older so ya. im 12 and my name is Michelle G i go to Carnegie Middle school.

Nova Marie Vargas
Mr.Dunning im from Andrew Carnigie and 8th grader and your presentation was wonderful today, i adore what you are doing with this project its so great. My life has been a difficult but i will always love it. My passion is music, and sports and those things keep me going. I totally intend to buy your brothers music its amazing. Id have to say after today your my new idol. Best of luck and i hope to see you again someday. Love,Nova. AKA SuperNova

taylor walton
thx for coming to carnegie middle school we loved very fascinating WOW

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