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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Logan Skyler Duckett
Dear, Patrick you came to pleasant hill middle school during my first semester this year in 8th grade I enjoyed every moment of your presentation the meaning of it grabbed my attention and made me feel and think of things I would have never experienced in my life if it was not for you. You were an inspiration to many of the students and I cannot express enough of what the presentation did for me. I also enjoyed the fact that even though I was not picked to sign. It was cool that since I was a leadershi student you let us all sign it after the presentation when we cleaned up and I cannot wait for the finished project. Sincerely, Logan duckett

Debbie Bratberg
Patrick, I had the honor of signing The Signature Project at Windsor Creek Elementary School last week. Our second and third students were enthralled and so were the teachers. I am at a loss trying to explain clearly what I saw except WOW! Thank you.

Jonathan Yeee
Dear Patrick, Your idea of this painting so amazing. You cam to my school to show us this and I can't belive it took 16 years to make those three parts! It's so great and I can't wait until one day I could sign it. You're so amazing and you have great talent. Your story is very amazing and everthing you do! YOU REALLY INSPIRE ME.

You make my day!

travis Carlozzi
Dear patrick, it is awesome that you are traveling all over the world to finish your project and letting teachers get to sign it.I hope you finish it soon. winsor CA, by, travis

Juanita Martinez
I just think that it is a beautiful image and I cant wait to see it because I put my daughters name on this when she was still inside my belly and I can't wait to tell her all about it when you are finished with it.

briana shaw
Dear Patrick,WOW!!!!!Your presentation was the most amazing thing that i have seen.It touched me so much inside.You have unbelievable talent,a wonderful message,great inperation,and fabulous presence.God has given you a wonderful talent and you use it in so many ways, and i hope you keep it that way for the rest of your life.I thank god for putting you on earth to enspire peoples knowledge and to for fill peoples dreams.Thank you so much for showing the presentation at Eastmont jr. high school.It was amazing.Thank you for letting me sign your picture after the show that day.I was glad i could be a part of your amazing talent.Your awesome!!!! The girl you saw jump when that shark came up on the screen of East Wenatchee,WA. 02-23-2008 THANK YOU, BRIANA

I really like your project because it inspired me to art. P.S.Thank you for thinking outside the box. Form:Hawkins School

hey mr.dunning i think your project is so creative and you just went to my school the other day to show your presintation i thought it was so cool hopefully you get it done soon i will love to see it when it is finished in a couple of years oh and i loved your presintation and your brothers music well i think you have really great talent as a artist and it was a honor for me to see the picture also your cat is sooo cute. I will be hoping to see you on t.v one of these days having a interview on the news about your amazing picture 02-22-08

dearmrdunning your stuff was cool thankyou for coming to our school and for your help you were a nice preson? by cody.

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