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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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hey mr.dunning i think your project is so creative and you just went to my school the other day to show your presintation i thought it was so cool hopefully you get it done soon i will love to see it when it is finished in a couple of years oh and i loved your presintation and your brothers music well i think you have really great talent as a artist and it was a honor for me to see the picture also your cat is sooo cute. I will be hoping to see you on t.v one of these days having a interview on the news about your amazing picture 02-22-08

dearmrdunning your stuff was cool thankyou for coming to our school and for your help you were a nice preson? by cody.

I loved you're consert thing you really know how to play the guitar.You really are smart I like the artwork it is aswome.I hope some day I could do somthing like you.I liked you and you'r brothers music it was aswome.

Alexandria De la torre
hi! This is one of the kids you taught at Tom Hawkins school you are very talented I love your art work.What made you thing of to do this? My favorite part was of your farther and the heart part I LOVED VERY THING!YOUR AMAZING!Wel i have to go i will write you later by

Michelle Andrade
Dear Patrick, You came to my school this morning, Tom Hawkins. Well, I am a seventh grader and went to your second show. I was disappointed because I really wanted to shake your hand and introduce myself. Well, what I was going to say was your story was AMAZING. I believe it was a true honor to hear your message. It touched me in so many ways. I love how you show the diversity and that you could still live your life, but you can do it while fulfilling your dream. I have been going through tough friend problems and just hearing and focusing on your message that live life to it's fullest, made me a totally new person. Forgetting about the issues that were going on. Again, thank you so very much. I can't wait until the day that the signature project is finished and I can proudly say that I saw it in the making! Thanks again!

Dear Mr. Dunning I LOVE your art. I love how you did that picture of your dad with the codes. I am going to ask my mom and dad if I can but your poster. You are now my favorite artist!!! It must be very hard to get all those signatures. It would be hard for me.I will write to you later.

hi thanks for playing the video school hawkins for us it amaizing. and how did you take out your heart that was cool

Thanks for playing at our school Hawkins.It was awsome..... :*)

gage chavez
heck sick cant wait to see it when its done i went to the asembly at tom hawkins elementary school! it was AWESOME!!!!

Chris McConnell
Hey Patrick, I am from Portland, Oregon as well. I go to Lewis-Clark State College where you recently did a performance. Just wanted to say it was excellent and good luck with it's completion. I would love to get a chance to sign it sometime.

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