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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Ryan Atwater
Patrick, Greetings from Freedom Middle School. You just presented to our school and the kids had a blast. Several of them commented to me on the way back to our classrooms how much they enjoyed your program and your artwork. I wanted to thank you for sharing your life and work with our students as well as allowing my sister and me to sign on to the Signature Project. I will never forget that I am in the southern tip of Africa. Thank you so much. Ryan Atwater 7th Grade Science Teacher Freedom Middle School Freedom, Wisconsin, USA

carolyn payne
I went to an assembly at my daughters elementary school today. I didn't know what it was about but she wanted me to go. I'm so glad I went. It was an amazing presentation. I was able to sign it along with the teachers. I feel very priviledged to have been a part of this amazing piece of art. I went to work and told everyone I saw about it. I even hung the postcard up in my office. Thank you for what you are doing. The kids had a carnival at school the same night and they were still talking about the Signature Project!!!!

I love the way you think! Since your presentation, I find myself looking at everything differently...with a little more appreciation and wonder. Thank you!

Kim Gasparovich
Mr. Dunning, Your presentation is amazing! I felt as if I caught a glimpse of the world through God's eyes. Wow! You have been blessed with a wonderful gift! Thank you for sharing it!!

helena from lenard lawrens
when you were at lenard lawrens I was in the front row.I want to tell you your projet is sooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!ttfn means ta ta for now.see ya.


caleb long
i like your was cool today(9-21-07)birchcreast elamentary

you are very cool!!!!!!!!!!! you came to my scholl birchcrest. eat your boritoes

Terry Maguire
Pat, it's was great meeting you when you were in Dublin last month. Really enjoying the music c.d. you gave me as a present. do you have any more info. re the signature project ? Some guys in work have visited your web site and are keen to find out more about the whole thing. Hopefully this message will get to you via the comment box. keep on rockin Terry Maguire

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