The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Natalie Pete
Hello! Today, 11/16/07, Patrick Dunning came to my school, R.V. Groves Elem. and showed us all types of cool stuff with ultraviolet light and x- rays! All thanks to one of our PTA members. I thought about looking him up and then I found this cool website. I could show my mom everything Patrick showed us!!!!!!

Sabeeh khan
ssup Mr. dunning, I was in ur first show at RennerMS. ur talents are amazing!!! how do u even learn all of this stuff? I want to do something like tht at home. is it possible? nd 1 more thing, my friend wrote down bryan's number nd goin to test it if it is real. try to mail THX!! p.s. U ROCK THE WORLD!!!!!! !

Thomas Spottiswood
I wish I got to sign the project!!!!!!!!!!!! -Thomas Spottiswood

Thomas Spottiswood
I love the Signature Project and I think it is such a creative idea. Your ingeneious. I go to Renner middle school which you visited on 11/15/07. The idea of the eye over the Dublin bridge was so cool. The way you believe anything is possible has really inspired me. I also think you are very original. Most artists are just painters or sculpters, but it seems like you can do everything like play the guitar, think of brilliant ideas, etc. -Thomas Spottiswood P.S.- It was very thoughtful of you to sign for those people who died in the twin towoers.

Miranda siebert
I was at renner middel school and I think what you are doing is so cool

Lola Smiles
Wow the signature project sounds amazing! My sister learned about it in Renner but she wouldn't tell me that much about all the morse code irish bread and music stuff. It really is STUPEFYING.

dear patrick, im a girl from renner middle school, i really loved your art work and the music. i loved the way u put all the peices from your life and put it all together into art, i loved the music and the idea of putting peoples signatures on your art work, it was beautiful :]]

hey patrick it me again sheltanay i love yo show i wish u can come preform at my high school west high bakersfiled, ca. the last time i seen yo show was in 6th 2004 in mrs haggerty class i c u still got my last comment

Hi, I saw your show recently and I loved it!!! Your show was very interesting and so was your artwork, for example The Signature Project. Also all your other pieces of artwork were interesting too. I have never seen pieces of artwork like yours. It's amazing! Thanks for sharing your pieces of artwork! They are for sure masterpieces! I hope other people like your pieces of artwork as much as I do, or maybe like it even more than I do(If thats possible).Since I do like it so much, I can't imagine someone liking it more than me!:)

Jessica Erhardt
I really think this project is amazing and the presentation you put on was awe-inspiring. You came to my high school (Moses Lake High School in Moses Lake, Washington) and I was one of the few people chosen to sign it. I was wondering, when finished, if the CD will allow us to search the painting up close, so we can find our name. Just curious, because that would be really cool. Best Wishes!

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