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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Tiffany Fluri (lafayette school)

Tiffany Fluri
I loved your singature project and i think u r so smart of thinking of it!!!Would of never ever thought of it in a million years and there were so many ups and downs of the signature project it made it awsome!! It was th best and coolest assembalys we have ever had!! Thank u sooo much or coming it was awsome and soo smart to do.....i could go on and on about how kwl the signature project is and was to see that it would take a million years to thanks again and bye i hope one day i can inspirer people like u did to so many people....thank you...bye

Jackie Delaney
Hi you came to my school today! (5/8/07) I think your amazing! You picked 10 people to sign one of the squares, but I wasn't picked! I was wondering if you were going anywhere where anybody could be able to sign it. Also, I think the thing that you did in Ireland, with the bridge and the eyeball, was totally creative! Your very very VERY creative, unlike me! I think your ideas are wondeful, and I think your great! Good luck on the rest of your project! Did you say that so far it took you 15 years??? Thats alot of time! Good luck again! - Jackie :)

Effie Xanthacos
I was so lucky to have the opportunity to learn about your project Mr. Dunning. It is wonderful that you have made such a positive impact. Your project truly has a deeper meaning. It is a way of people connecting from all over the world.

Allyn Perry
We saw your performance today, May 8, 2007. I have been a teacher here at the Lafayette School in NJ for 32 years, and I can't remember a more outstanding program!! Our audience of 5th-8th graders was enthralled for the entire hour. I highly recommend this wonderful multi-faceted assembly for people of all ages.

Danielle Thomas
o loved the assembley the paintings were beautiful!!! I absolutley loved it!!

Ilove It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really liked the assembly.The best part was seeing the music.Good luck on the project.

Kimmy Bachmann
Patrick! Your assembly at Haskell Elementary School was amazing! Luckly, I was one of the few students that got to sign my name in one of the rectangles. I enjoyed your presentation very much! You are a very incredible person to come up with an idea like this! Thank you for coming to Haskell School, it was a pleasure watching your assembly! Some day I hope to see the work of art completed and good luck with finishing it!

I really appriciate what Patrick is doing. It really is amazing. He appriciates life so much. I truly believe that Patrick can change the world. Everyone should have his attitude toward peaceful, appriciative, and meaningful. He wants everyone to enjoy life and to bring people together showing that everyone can live in peace, love, happieness, and togetherness. Also as each individual we are meaningful, but as one we are powerful, meaningful, and strong, and together we can accomplish anything. Patrick has taught me a lot. He tries to live his life to the fullest and live a meaningful, campoasionate, important, and beautiful life. And once again i rally appriciate that. he shows so much love toward the Earth his family and even the people he doesnt know, he knows if we all stick together we can make a beautiful outcome, just as the picture came out.....beautiful. He cares so much about this project. It is amazing how much effort, love, and meaning that was put into this one

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