The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Destini T.
u did a show at my middle school the other day and i thought that this is an amazing idea! Mrs. Leon invited you to do a show. she squishes 6th graders like bugs!

Katie,Larry,Cole,and Bryce
Dear Patrick, You came to our school and we love the idea. We think that it is awsome that you've got 300,000 and probly have more. We will keep coming on your web site and we hope that some day we can sign this peice of art too.

The Briarwood School
The Briarwood School, Patrick Dunning, it is my honor to thank you for coming to The Briarwood School, and I speak for everyone, when I say, "Thank You!" We, (The Briarwood School) are amazed how determined you are to complete the project! And, what you did in honor of your father, crushed everyones heart and made us cry! Well, The Briarwood School want to thank you once again for coming and demonstrating many things that we were astonished by! 4/13/07

Thao Le
Mr. Dunning, you are so amazing. I loved your performance at Richland High School. Too bad you only let a limited amount of kids sign it, but the show was amazing, it was the only assembly at our school that I have enjoyed. Your project can really inspire people in the future and I think you're an inspiration.

Holly Strapulos
Dear Patrick, Everyone and I do mean Everyone was so impressed with your stunning show at Briarwood on Friday the 13th of April. Personally, this event was a major blessing. One is never quite the same again after seeing what you've accomplished. Congratulations and God Bless! Love and Best wishes from all of us at Briarwood School, Holly

Hannah Cohen
Hi I am Hannah I am from the Briarwood School. I have some comments for you.My first comment is .What did you learn from doing thesingnatvre Project and what kind of people did you meet. P.S. Iam in Mrs Tatlor Class

Andrew Baudler
I am from the Briarwood School it was cool.I am from miss Taylor class and I wunt to sign the board.

Robby Lowe
I liked all your sound effects.I am from the Brairwood School.

My name is Nikolai Parmer and I am from the Briarwood school. I liked your porforments it was fantasted i liked the motorcycle part .I also liked the kitty part that was hilarious.

Are you the only one that ever did the signature project. I would like to sign on the board to.My name is Elliot Roy and I atend the Briarwood school.

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