The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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great job

morgan oakley
hey what did was cool i hope u get to to finsh your project that you started.and thanks for letung me sine to part of earth.

Anthony Dina
hay whats up today 3/14/07 was cool it was cool the way that you had thought about to have so many people sign andhow you can make a pictuer that bog that it will make you look like a little toy it will be cool if you can come back and visit our school again just in case if you foreget i will type our school name Explore middle school like the old man said Explore kicks voyager butt see you sune

You came to my school, in Richland, i saw you talk about your art. I thought it was absoulutly amazing! It was insprational, and i just wanted to tell you that still after a week i am thinking about it. It was unreal, thank you for coming to our school.

Terri Amacher
Hi Patrick, It's been a long time. Thanks so much for coming to the Multisensory Learning Academy in June. When I called Gina I was told you are doing it differently now and that kids don't sign your project. We are a small charter school with only 200 kids and 10 staff. Would you want parents, and 4th and 5th graders to sign? That would only be 40 kids and as many grown ups as I can round up for you. I can supply volunteers. Looking forward to seeing you again. Terri

I saw your presentation at my school today, other that sitting on the floor that was really cool.

You're wasting your life

Michael Domstead
I hate your stupid crap! You came to my school, gave a long boring speech which had nothing to do with me at all and was stupid... AND I didn't even get to sign your stupid thing! If you REALLY wanted to finish your dumb project before you die you should have let EVERYONE sign it! I hope Rambo finds you and your dumb project and blows it all away with his M60!

Kirsten R.
Thank you so much for coming to our school to show us your project! It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen! I really admire your passion and dedication to the project...that started as only a dream! Thank you so much!

Madison Leppert
Hey Patrick you came to M.T.E.S. last year april 4 2006 and we all loved you. Even I did I was a student watching and WOW. I wish you can come back to our school everyone does maybe you can. Thanks for a great show. Loved It Bye.

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