The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Kate Butera
I loved your show!! Everyone loved your show too!! Did you put anything in the picture that can only be seen with infared light? Thanks for reading! Kate from the Reed Intermediate School!:P SMILE!!!

Your show is sssssssoooooo amazing!!! We had to do presontaions in class after your show and nobody could come close to a presontation like yours! All my friends won't stop talking about it and nethier will my science teacher... as he says "I was digging it." (so did i) You had the whole audience under a spell it was sssssssoooo cool. Also you and your brother are great musicians!! Send me some music! Thanks for coming to our school, Reed Intermediate, Newtown Ct. (i was the one in the front row)!!!! Again, thanks for coming! Please come to the Newtown Middle School,Connecticut in 2009. Your show rocks!!!!!!!!! From, Anna

Karis D.
You just came to Lorship School today, located in Stratford, CT! I came with a mind like "Not another school shows!" and left with a happy mood! I loved your performances. I am actually one of the students, and I am in 5th grade! Your show was like going to a trip to Mexico! Bravo! (Art show)

robin julian
You visited our school today, May 14. Your performance was the best I have ever seen for a cultural arts performance. I was truly in awe listening and watching you. THANK YOU for a wonderful experience.

am a student @ todd elementary. you gave us the performance. really thought that was touchng. your cat baley s cute!

i love your painting.u where at todd school today i loved it . you are awesome!!!!!!

Elizabeth Terilli
My broter and I really were inspired by all the work you achieved. Good luck with the project!

I loved the assembly! I am from Todd Elm. School Briarcliff Manor.

patrick Olson

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