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Morgan Royse
Hi Patrick Dunning! I love your project and think its the most beautiful sight you could ever see. I like how you put so many years into this because it sure is worht it to the eye! Your Presentationt to Walla Walla WA Highschool was very exciting. I hope you get to finish everything in your artwork piece because I would love to see it in the museum (OMSI).. ~~Morgan Royse~~

I just wanted to thanks for coming to Wa-Hi today! Your project is a great inspiration for people my age. I think what you're doing is terrific!

Serena Goins
All I have to say is WOW! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing your presentation was today. That by far was the most entertaining assembly I have ever been to. Good luck with finnishing your project. You are so amazing.

Jessika Beeman
Oh my gosh this project is amazing!!! how did you ever think of such a beautiful thing like the signature project. Today you came to my school in Walla Walla Washington i was blown away by your talents and insperations! i just want to say thank you for sharing this with us! you are a very talented man and you are an insperation to most including me keep it up this is great!!!! *jessie*

how did youget the heart to disapper like that? your show was awsome. thank you for coming to ki-be ms

Ryan Conner
I am a student at walla walla high school and you came on march 7, 2007 and I just have to say that it was the most wonderful and inspirational assembly i have attended in my four years at this high school. I later got the chance to add my signature to your project and i just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to be part of something so special and meaningful, once again thank you very much, sincerely, Ryan Conner

vannssa bragg
thanks for coming to kiona-benton middle school. your presntation waz the best i have ever seen in my life!! ;)

Wow! what an amazing project. Our school had the great opportunity to be a part of this. I will have to remind them of the completed project. Thank you

aaron castor
it was a pleasure to sign your proect when you came to walla walla high school..

Amy Maryel Rodriguez
Señor Dunning thanks for coming to my school (Aptos HS) it was a pleasure meeting you, i'm really glad to have gotten the chance to be part of you genuis work of art i hope that everything goes well can't wait to see the finished piece

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