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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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This website is very cool!!!

Peter Herzog
Dear Mr. Dunning, You are truly inspirational! You came to my school, St. Peter's By-The-Sea. You have opened my eyes to what one person has the power to do. Thank you. Good luck with your project.

Christine Conte
Are you having another show at the cradle of aviation? I see that it is sold out and my daughter loved your show at her school and wanted the whole family wants to go and see it. Unfortunatley, we are too late and the show is sold out. Please let me know if and when you are going to have another show here. Thanks you, Christine

i love your project!! this is soo kewl(cool) you mean soo much to me and now you inspired me to do what i belive in!!!<3 bibi

Dear Patrick Dunning. I saw you r show at north side school. I realy realy liked it. You were right about the crying part. A girl behind me was crying a little bit. Thank you for coming Joshua

Matthew S
I think this is the best progect on the world. I think he deserves a medal. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey you came to North Side School in America and you were so great i thought that you were so talented

Sam Chimento
Patrick, A number or years back while I was a principal at Little Butte School in Eagle Point, Oregon, you presented your signature program. Is there a way of locating the signatures of students that were added to your project during that presentation?

Patrick, You came to my school today, and even though I am only in seventh grade, i was still blown away with your project. I wish we could have signed it, but only the teachers got to. I really look at you now as one of my role models, since I am big in art and family and love. I really love how you included the sun and moon, because to me they are repersenting everything thats good in life. thanks again, sara

Hi it's me the girl who wrote a comment from briarwood. I'm hear with my aunt. She thinks your project is really cool!

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