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Mya Novelle
Mr. Dunning, I hope you had a chance to read my article about you. I am hoping to send a whole copy of the paper to you by the adress on this site. Once again, this is such a beautiful piece of artwork- full of life, and culture. I can't wait to see it when it is done.

Devin Mcnulty
Dear Mr. Dunning I was one of the students at Horace Mann Middle School in Lakewood Ohio, and I absolutly loved what you are doing. my grandfether was born in ireland, and my dad has been to dublin many many times, and i see what your coming from, I think what your message is were all connected in some way, and it`s not based on color or religon or where your family is from, so i thank you fro sharing my school all of it, I wish maybe i will be passionate of something like this, so i thank you again your a inspiration to everyone, your family most be very prund, and i bet you Dad is too! Sincerly, Devin Mcnulty

Bridgette Garcia
i am a seventh grade student at horace mann middle school in lakewood ohio and you visited me today. i thought that your presentation was incredible!! the one thing i would change is you to have picked me to sign it. o well cant always get what you want, anyway i thought you were so cool i wanted to come and look you up on the internet to share with my family. i think you are amazing and i think what you are doing is so cool. have a lot of fun with it!! Sincerely, Bridgette Lynn Garca :-)

mr.Dunning your assembley was inspiering and it gave me an idea what to do for my next full project i am sort of upset i did not get to sign it but to witness the creator was amazing from alyssa horace mann midle school

Michael Dudeck 7th Grade
I was amazed when I saw this when you came to Horace Mann Middle School, Lakewood, OH. At first I thought the assembly was going to be boring as usual. But what you did change me alot. Its amazing how many people, animals, and other things you added to it. Everything made my jaw drop. My heart felt so weird after watching you. I didn't know if I should laugh, smile, cry... But thank you for sharing it with me and everyone at Horace Mann. I wish I could have signed it.

kaycee fansler
You are great! You are really good at art work! Keep on fulfilling your dream! Thanks for coming to Horace Mann Middle School. Come back soon with your brother!

You came to my school today. (Royal view) I loved everything its all so beautiful. It inspired me so much. I cryed during your dad thing. My gradma died right before i was born. I liked you motorcycle impression. I loved your assembly. Please come to our middle,high,and our elementary schools next year and for a long time. thanks Maggie

alex_olson_houston school
i loved your presentation,it was awesome!!

The brown-haired newspaper girl from Chicago
Mr. Dunning, I would like to send you a copy of the article I wrote about you, this is just the article: The Signature Project By Mya Novelle On Wednesday, October 18, 2006, artist Patrick Dunning came to our school to show us his artwork. More specifically, a project he is working on called The Signature Project. The project has taken fourteen years to get where it is now (he began the project in 1992) and can be described with one word: creative. The project is a picture that will be seventy-six feet by thirty-six feet when it is finished- it is made up of square canvases covered in millions of signatures. The signatures are written in different colors, so they make up the picture on the squares. Mr. Dunning is from Dublin, Ireland, and moved to America so he could tour the country and show schools in schools along the way. He says his art is therapy for all the work he does- all the driving, setting up and performing on stage in front of many people. The thing he misses m

Could you come to my school. Its Wake Robin Elementry in Bellevue Ne, Lincoln Rd. It would br great.

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