The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Corey Lasko
HI you made an assembly at my school, Warnsdorfer. I can't believe how big the picture is!!!!! I can't wait til its done. I really wonder what it looks like!!!!!

Corey Lasko
THE WEBSITE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u are a amazing artist! i cant believe that someone will ever have an idea like this. i thought i was creative but not as creative like you. we wish u will come back to vist Remington Middle School ma u.s. all the teachers LOVED what u did and all the students did to. u truely make the other artist into shame!

homer sexual
ur patrick dunning and i think u need to go get really wasted tomorrow night!!!ill be there

Andrea Garcia Jordan
Thank you so much. You are blessed with creativity and the good spirit to share it with others. Your message is simple, yet truly profound. The statement of deep love and even deeper humanity, in concert with the natural world as well the melodic accompaniment meld together to create the purest expression of your heart. I am grateful to have witnessed, "The Signature Project",

Dear mr.dunning,today u did an assembly at my school St.Rose Gramar.You really touched my heart.You are sooooo talented and wonderful at art,music and other things too. PLEASE come back to visit at st.rose grammar school. I wish i could of signed your beautiful work of art but the assembly was enough to make my day! THANK YOU!!!! 12-5-06

Kyle Hoffman
i just saw patrick dunning's show today at st. rose grammar school, belmar, NJ, and i got to sign one of the pieces that will be africa. i thought it was really cool and would like to see it once it is completed. sincerly, Kyle Hoffman

Heather Oates
Delran Intermediate School was lucky enough to watch your show this week. It was a wonderful way to expose children to art, music, culture, and history. These are the areas we never seem to have time to expose them to especially in the visual way that you did. Thank you and my 4th grade students will never forget it! I just e-mailed a fried in Texas who also teaches and told her that they had to get you to come!

Mason Tilghman
i saw the signature project assembly today. I was amazed. the only dissapointment was that i couldnt sign it. i hope i see it on the front page on every newspaper for every1 in the world to see. I cant wait to get the dvd when it comes out.

Travis Lee Aristidou
Hi I'm Travis Aristidou. Thank you so much for visiting our school (JoppaTowne High School) and putting on the presentation. I really enjoyed it! I say it was the best assembly ever! Thank you so much! Tell your brother that his music is great! Thank you again and hope to see you again! I wish I could've signed your painting!

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