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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Alexandra Marshall Carter Elem.
Dear Patrick, I liked your show a lot.

Andrew Warren ,Carter Elementary
This project is very cool and I can not believe the amount of signatures you already have. Good Luck!!

Phillip Twedt
Your show was very exciting!

Ed Locker
What a great assembly. One of the best I have seen in 33 years of elementary education. Wow!!

John Westerhoff
Outstanding assembly! The kids all agree the best ever here at Carter Elementary, Palm Desert, CA Hopefully everyone will some day understand that life is the most precious thing on Earth!

Kelsey Herman
Hey Patrick!! Whats up my homie g dawg?! well i think your art is awesome i want to sign it a lot is there any way i can??? write back to me @ ill write in here later! Love, Kelsey (from hillside middle school)

Sarah Palomino
I loved the show that you did at HILLSID.It was spectacular. Ihope you come back to Hillside in no late than 3 years cause I know that your buisy.Hopefully I'll sighn it one day and be apart of it!

i tryed the soda bread it was sooooooo good thanx so much 4 comming to our school we all loved your show (bouquet canyon)

hey i loved u at my skool i hope that u can come again that was the best assembly eva at bouquet canyon elementary eva

christina tchamkertenian
mr. patrick dunning your paintings are stinning! : )

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Home Comments Booking Info. Off-Broadway 2018 Tickets