The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Bernie Moore
Patrick I saw your show in Medford last week. Wow. What fun. I was honored to get to sign my name. As it turns out I've been listening to your brother's music for years via Nightnoise and Celtic Christmas cds. That connection made your point. Bernie

Angelica Lo Monaco
This show was the best art show I have ever seen! Hope you come back to St. Marys for another show! The show was great how you made. Your signature project is brilliant. Thank you for letting me be a member to sign the canvas! (student at St.Marys school Oregon) Thank you again Patrick

Emily Volk(again)
I just wanted to ask you how did you think of all this???? How do you have that big of an imagination? I could never think of all this. e-mail me!!!!!

Katherine Viale
I loved your show! The Sigature Project is sooooooooooooooo kool. It is so amazing how there are so many secrets in it!

chrisitne gomez
hey patrick dunning you came to my school junction city highschool on Dec.9 and iwanted to say that i really enjoyed the presentation and wanted to thank you for comming and can't wait to see the final piece and the irish vision i thought was also very interesting once again thank you for comming again. signed a student

Becky Stalnaker
I loved you show. It was so great!!! I was one of the students at Junction City High School and I got to sign one of you boards. I think it's so wonderful that you go for great accomplishments. It's just astounding. I'm planning on seeing your art work once it's finally done. You've inspired me.

Amanda Bolint
hello, i am a student at St. Mary's high school. you just reecently visited us and showed us your project. i think that the signature project is utterly amagin! it is an object of major self expression, life, and immortalizes the people whom sign this pice of art. my brother recived the homor of signing your project. he came home just so thrilled. i am really glad that he could be a part of your amiaging art work! -amanda

I saw your presentation at St. Mary's School in Medford, Oregon. I was really impressed. You put on a show that was both interesting and fun. I wish you the best of luck with your future shows!

Shelsea Rawson
i really enjoyed the show and i would love to know when you are putting on some other shows? i would also lovw what you are doing and would love to sign my name on the project!! it would be great to know when you are having your next shows and when! please e-mail me with some information! thank you for the great show! ~Shelsea Rawson

Tim Kirkpatrick
Wow! Your presentation at my School (St Mary's in Medford, Or) today was truly awesome, in the real sense of the word, and your project concept and magnitude is greatly appreciated and supported, not to mention impressive. Best of luck with the continued development of this true work of art. Many other artists have similar ideas of this magnitude, but very few of them are able to actually put them into action. Therefore for your imagination and integrity I say may God bless your worthy cause, which is bringing the concepts of thoughtfulness and hard work to the lives of millions. As many others do, I'm sure, I look forward to witnessing the completed project. It should be very impressive, and I hope it proves to be a tremendous sense of accomplishment for you. Thanks again, and good luck.

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