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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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S. Pat Doyle
Patrick...Thanks for a WONDERFUL presentation! All of our kids are still talking about it! So much so that parents are now asking what it was all about! God bless...S. Pat

suzanne picciurro
your presentation in my school, st rose of lima really touched me, this was a great idea! your brothers music is beautiful! The assembly was amayzing! You should be in the "Guiness Book of world records" or something! all day i couldnt stop talking about it..! i think this is something i am going to remember forever! usually assembly's are boring but this assembly was the BEST ever!

What a beautiful presentation. You are a true artist. I loved the way you intertwined so many of your artistic talents into one show. Bravo!!

Patricia Annicchiarico Technology Coordinator
I just saw your presentation at St. Rose of Lima School in Freehold, NJ. It was great. Anyone who can hold Kingergarteners attention for that long deserves a medal. Keep up the good work. I was excited to be able to sign my name to such a project.

I loved your show I am in kindergarden it was sweet

I love the signature project!!!!Its the most creative idea ever.Your presentation was amazing,and i loved your blues session.I didnt get to contribute my name to the project,but hopefully i can if you come back to Rutgers Preparatory School.

R. Levine
Your show just blew me away. As an adult about your age, who has experienced too much sadness and death in his life, I found your ever evolving presentation to be extraordinary. Your message resonated in me and was so glad that I took my 22 year old daughter with me to see it. She liked it a lot but unless you traveled and experienced loss of loved ones , such as your dad and beautiful Abyssinian cat, your deeply profound thoughts on life can't be truly comprehended.I read an article from 2006 that you expected to get the million signatures by 2012. For whatever reason you are behind schedule, I will be telling everyone to see you masterpiece and hope you complete the project as soon as possible. Is there anyway I get get a large signed photograph of the Eye on the Liffey ?

Ben Carno
Dear Mr.Dunning, you are very talented and are and amazing as a human being! You had an amazing presentation and it was a wonderful experience! A few months ago you visited Benjamin Franklin Elementary School and we were so surprised to see an amazing,cool,and talented person like you. I can’t wait to see what the signature project looks like when it’s done! Thank you for coming and good luck with the signature project. Also your an unbelievable guitarist. It was a magical experience I’ll never forget!

Marisa Levine
Your show was amazing I jumped out of my seat!

Elyse Brenner
Thank you for coming to Saddle Rock School in Great Neck, NY. My first graders LOVED your show and were amazed by everything!

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