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I really enjoyed your show you put on at BranchBurg central middle school. You did a great job. It was amazing.I am really interested in what you do. Please email me back as soon as you can on my email. thank you , ally.

hi mr. dunning u recently came to my school on oct.13 rutherford NJ ...your presentation was amazing..we loved it but we all wish we could 've signed thanks again..pria :)

evan karadimos
dear mr dunning i was at your show today at union school you have made my day i was all cranky on a grade i got but you made me happy with more people like you in this world the world would be a better place thank you

Hi, Patrick! You visited our school years ago. It is still the presentation that sticks in my head. I am wondering if you still do this. I would love to talk with you sometime about the way you put together your story. I am anxious to do some storytelling of my own... I would love to see your presentation again! I hope you are well, Valerie

meredith steinfeldt
dear patrick dunning, i am a student who has viewed one of your presentations and i have to say, that i am so amazed! i am still recovering from it! i will never forget this expierience and i honestley am interested in booking time to sign!

I saw your show yesterday. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. It's amazing enough to make a painting that large entirely out of signatures. All of those pictures and messages hidden inside of it made it so wonderful, so beautiful, that there are no words to describe it. Good luck finishing the Signature Project!

Maddie D.
i forgot to say that i'm jealous of my principal because SHE was the one who got to sign!

Maddie D.
You visited my school yesterday, and after your presentation, i was determined to tell you that my friends and I think that this is an incredible and inspiring project. I might only be an 8th grader, but that's not too young to show you how cool i think your project is! Thank you for doing this!

i love your work, your project is awsome, i saw you at BCMS, it was the best assembly ever! Thank you

Antonia Ceresa McGroarty
Todday you came to Central Middle School and gave us a pesentation. I thought it was so cool. I wish i could of signed the thing though. Anyway i told my parents about it and they thought is was awesome expecially my dad because he is irish. Thanx for coming to my school. I enjoyed it alot.

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