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sarah lilard
dear patrick i was one of the girls at torrence creek in north carolinaon oct 10 .I was truly impressed with the signature prodject.

YOU ARE AWSOME!!!!!I LOVED the show at my school witch is torrence creek elemantery.I am seven years old and I love your picture made by names.

a kid [girl]
i wish i could sign that! u came to our school. Huntersville Elementary school. Thanks!

S. Elsbeth Alsman
Your presentation was a delight to our students and Teachers at Torrence Creek Elementary (Huntersville, NC) on Friday, October 10, 2008. Wish you well in the remainder of your project and I am eager to see your project finished. Thank you so much for the enlightening and moving experience. Every child and adult should have the opportunity to enjoy this absolutely magnificent presentation. So glad you shared your passion with us. S. Elsbeth Alsman, Exceptional Child Teacher Assistant

Sarah Pennington
I am a substitute teacher at Huntersvile Elementary in Huntersville, NC. I am also a parent of 7th and 6th grade boys as well as a 4th grade daugher who was fortunate enough to see your presentation today. I feel so incredibly lucky that I was subbing at the school today. Clearly the BEST ever assmebly I or my children have ever seen. My two older boys are at Lake Norman Charter School in Huntersville and I strongly believe the Middle School children would love this presentation. Hunterville Elementary is a school constantly promoting "character traits" you are a true "role model" for our children. I was blown away by your vision and creativity. Thank you for sharing your talents.... Sarah Pennington, Huntersville Elementary, Huntersville, NC

I watched the show today and i loved it!!! Huntersville Elementary School

thanks SO much for sharing the meaning behind the signature project at our school assembly in bedford middle, westport,ct! its by FAR the best assembly EVER! ~amy

deangela hume
my and my sister are still in aww, i was wondering how your project was going. we loved the idea and the fact that it was so important to you.

Charlotte Smalley
Patrick, I really enjoyed the show. I am a first grader in Mrs. Amandola's class at Frost School in East Brunswick NJ. Mrs Amandola has signed her name on the tapestry.

I liked it because it had music and I liked it because of your drawing. I hope you had a good time in Frost school today.

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