The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Katherine Deogaygay
Mr.Dunning i loved the assembly.I was one of the students watching at hickman elementery.I loved the music.I hope you come back next year,thank you

i am am from hicmen i saw your show. how did you do it?its so awsome!

Elpy Perez
I was 1 of the people in your assembly in Hickman Elem.!

haley Cruz
Your art is amazing. ps.Im from Thomas Jefferson

Eileen Fuhrel
I was one of the lucky participants to sign part of this artwork years ago and I'm just wondering if there will be a way to zoom in to it to look for my own signature. Do you have plans to make that available online?

All my friends and me love your art work

Tommy A.
Hello. You came to my school one time a while ago and i loved your story and project.

Marne Fate
February 4, 2009 Today at Alta Heights Elementary School, my son and daughter had the wonderful opportunity to see your show. Thank you for sharing your magic with all of us. Marne Fate Napa, CA

marcus andrews
hi patrick! I am the small kid with the black jacket on. your show was awsome today at thomasjefferson. email me at my email adress is email me please

You came to Alta Heights elementary today and I liked how it was all different, especially x-ray and magnetic fields. And I liked how you played you guitar, too.Thanks for coming, I hope you can come next year.

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Home Comments Booking Info. Off-Broadway 2018 Tickets