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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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debra thuma
Patrick, I am a teacher at Tooker Avenue Elementary School, in West Babylon, New York. Today, during our assembly I was speechless! Your presention was so extraordinarily moving, I can't find the words to describe it. To see someone so passionate about life and this fascinating project was simply inspirational. The children were so engrossed and interested in everything you said and did. I also appreicate our conversation after the performance. Thank you...

Aidan Mohan
Dear patrick, I used to live in Ireland dundalk co. louth until i moved to new york i was at tooker ave today 9/29/08 take the eye on the bridge was a brilliant idea take good fellow

LynnMarie Gendron
I have been teaching for 17 years. This was the best assembly that I have seen. It is an inspiring program. The Signature Project speaks to everyone.


Bridget D.
Thank you so much for visiting my school Friday. You coming to talk to us was definitely the highlight of the day. You're message is inspirational! - Bridget, York Suburban Middle School

Josh lofties
Thank you for coming to YSMS last friday, I really like the guitar parts

Dear Patrick, I loved your presentaion it was so cool!!! I love how your doing art in the art this was an amazing last ptide Kick off for me and i dont know if our school can top that next year well well see ~Emma P.S i really want to sign it lol !!!

Erika Scardina
Hi Im from york suburban middle school and i loved the show you put on for us. i am so inspired by you! i hope your project is successful. York PA ps im irish too!

You came to York Suburban Middle School! I really enjoyed your show!:)

Sarah Squitieri
Dear Mr. Dunning, I am a student at Kutz Elementary. I Loved (with a capital L) your show today (September 25, 2008.)You did great with the guitar. Love, Sarah (P.S. I'm Irish and my grand parents went to Ireland.) Kutz Elementary, PA

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