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Cliff Aker
Pat, It is Cliff from NJ (police officer) Just checking in and seeing how everything is going??? When are you coming to Jersey again? When you get a chance give me a call. 732-278-5132 Hope all is well and wishing you the best.........Cliff Aker

Ana Palacios
Mr.Dunning, I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed the assambly when you came to our school, Beaver Lake Middle School in Issaquah Washington. This has inspired me to follow my dreams. tahnks ever so much. I am definentally looking forward to seeing the finished progect and buying the DVD.

hiii!!! i was at beaver lake middle school when you came for the assembly!!! thats wicked awesome!!!!! i really wanted to sign it:/ but yeah... BYE!!!

Jerry Jacobson
Hi Patrick, Great performance, great Art, great CD. Listening to CD as I attempt to access The site will not open. I lost one abode on lake to snow and ice and will be transferring my belongings into my adjacent rental (tenants are leaving). Still on lakefront and alive with lake critters. Intend to make the lot I'm leaving "very critter friendly!" Elma, Wa. was city I spoke of that has lower priced real estate and perhaps older movie theater is available for sale. Your presentation was quite professional and awakened the artistic/philosophical visions within many who were in attendance. Also, it is a great wonder to see an individual with such a fine project, as that project impacts those with whom it is shared, impacting and indelibly becoming imprinted on the "minds eye". Best regards, Jerry Jacobson

Sriya Gukal
You recently visited Beaver Lake Middle School (Issaquah, WA). I am a 6th grader there. I never realized how precious life is, and how we have to cherish it. The fact that you have captured and portrayed many aspects of life in one painting is amazing and eye-opening. You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work! Thank you for the experience! I am definetly buying your CD as soon as I can find out where they are sold.

Simon Willis
Hi Mr.Dunning my name is Simon Willis I go to Alcott elementary school in washington i would just like to say that ur project is very awsome in every way shape and fourm the asembley I went to to learn about ur project was the best asembley I have ever seen, and I think ur project is a fabulous idea

Beau Smith
Hello, You visited my school in washington recently Eastmont Jr High and i thought your signature project was a true work of art and i hope you complete it soon so i can see it. You are truly one of the great minds of Our Time, thank you for the once in a life time oppertunity to see your lifes work.

Suzanne Feeney
Mr. Patrick Dunning, you just visited Beaver lake Middle School not to long ago. At that school I am a sixth grader. I thought you were really cool. That assembly was by far the best assembly ive ever had. You've really taught me that I should always follow my dreams even if they take over 30 years. =] Thank you for visiting my school. I hhope I get to have an experiance like that again. P.S. I'm really looking forward to trying that recipe you told us about!

Victoria P.
My friend from beaver lake said that your presentation was awesome so i decided to check your website out and it is absoloutly amazing!! I really hope you would be able to come to Issaquah Middle School anytime soon because it would be really cool for me to sign the signature project, it seems really cool and i think it is a great idea, so keep getting signatures!! -Victoria P.

Melissa Hager
Wow!! I just saw the signature project today and thought that it was very cool. Thank you so much for coming to Queen of Peace Catholic Church(Salem, OR). I cannot wait till it is done. I would love to get the dvd of the finished masterwork and be able to get your cd. Thank you once again!

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