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Ciro Lampasas
I am from the Briarwood school I liked the special effects. It was cool. I hope you come back.

Amy Yoelin
Hi!I'm from the Briarorwood School.I really liked your show and your brothers music!Your catis really cute and funny.Good Luck!Bye!

Josh Lewandowski
Hi youre show rocked. I go to the Briwood School.I liked the computer effects.Please sign my name for me.

Lon Bates
I am from the Briarwood school.It was so emotional about mother nature. Also about the beauty of the galexy.

Gracie musser
I'm from the Briarwood school.I thought it was so awesome and cool!

Patrick....what an awesome talent you have. To be able to bring all the different sources together and create such a life changing masterpiece as well as a presentation that changes our such a gift. You shared your art with the students at Curtsinger Elementary School in Frisco Texas this morning and I know you impacted their creative thinking. You also impacted the creative thinking of the teachers. I was asked by one who wasn't able to see your "show" and I could not even come close to explaining the experiance. WOW! I am looking forward to seeing the completed art. I am anxious to see my name amoung the millions....... Thanks! From my heart to yours!

Billy Bob A. Jackson
WOW!!! What a presentation! What a man! Renner M.S.-Plano,TX. students and staff had a beautiful, memorable experience given by Mr. Patrick Dunning yesterday (4-10-07). His "Signature Project" has taken him on a journey that few people ever experience. Unselfishly, Mr. Dunning has allowed us to share this wonderful experience with him through his unique, professionally conducted presentation. He mentions people's reaction to his work bringing happy smiles and tears. My tears were of joy and appreciation for helping me to rethink and refocus my own beliefs about life's experiences. His presentation helped me personally to celebrate a wonderful gift that God has given to each of us everyday. That gift we take for granted everyday we wake up to a new day to experience. That gift is called Life and Living.............Thank you, Patrick Dunning for crossing into my life journey. Billy Bob A. Jackson, counselor

Cory Eardley
From monticello, Utah. You recently did a high school assembally there. Hope the project continues to go well. Great job!

I wanted to thank you for comming to Alcott School. Everyone had such a blast learning about your project! Thanks

Ari Parker
OOPS! Forgot to put down email address...please let us know if you're coming back this way....(Bradley Elementary)

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