The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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I loved the show and the picture and hidden secrets rock!

keith ardizzoni
very cool show mr. dunning i was the one who wore the ireland shirt and you said like the shirt!hope to see you again soon drive safe. sincerley keith Ardizzoni.luck 'o'the irsh go irish! im also irish!good-bye for now.thank you for the show.

jack urso
I am a 5th grade student at Reed Intermediate school. I really liked when you hung the fabric with a half of an eye under the bridge. That was awsome

Tiffany Dwyer
HI! You came to my school today! Your eye pictures were amazing! And I love the big signature project you are doing, you are an amazing person! You work hard and working hard is what makes you succeced! You are really good at playing the guitar and you brotehr is awsome at teh flute! I hope we get to see you next year and all the progress you have made! Good luck! ~Tiff

Biff Bunny Princess
you people wh create this stuff are whatever man.

Your art is really cool you came to my scool today and i love what you do. When do you think youlll be finished and can you post more pictures like the one in Irealnd about the eye. Well i hope to here from you.

hi patrick! myself and all of haskell school absolutely loved your presentation. we have been talking about it for weeks (including you calling chris a girl) i have become a big fan of your work and cant wait to see the finished project again thank you♥

Cailtin E. Duffy
Where to start, where to start. I am a 13-year-old student at Swift Middle School in Watertown CT, and I saw your performance today. And that was more than a changed my life. Well, I don't know, I only saw it an hour ago. But really, you opened my eyes to the beauty of life: the things that are unseen, untouched. By expanding your mind, an excellent tool, and exploring what's around you, you can really see the unseen, and discover what you couldn't fathom, and go beyond what is all ready set in front of you. I feel like one of the luckiest people on earth. Not all the students at my school were as influenced as I am. I don't think any of them are. All I heard was "How weird." All I heard was what you always hear from kids: complaining, how completely lame it was and how it was a waste of time. I hope they figure it out someday. What I need now is a favor. Honestly, this would take some soreness out of my heart. Please, put my name, Caitlin E. Duffy, may

Michaela You visited Reed Intermediate school today(5-15-07) it was the best assembly ever and we had this guy from a movie come one time.You have neat ideas!Keep on rocking! _Sincerly Michaela age 11

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