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wow, what your doing is amazing, and how behind certain canvas's theres other pictures and how in uv light theres another picture its amazing

Tiara Monroe
The presentation you gave at Joppatowne High School was the best presentation I've ever seen in the entire four yesr I've been there. It's probably not my place but sorry about the rude underclassman. Sophmores and juniors can be a pain. It was my pleasure to add my name to your tapetry. I feel like I was just as excited about your work as you are. Thank you for the experience.

*note: I am not a very good speller.* When you visited my school, J. L. Simpson Middle, I thought that assembly was wonderful. I wouldn't call it an assembly. I'd call it something neater. I like the comment "J.L. Simpson Music Stuidents Rock" thing. I play clairinet. I thought what you said about not being Aulstrailian was funny. :) That was the most fun assembly I ever gone to. Thank you.

Janetira Phoutthachone
mr.dunning i am a student at joppatowne highschool and your art project was very inspiring i wouldve loved to sign your project but it's ok. good luck with everything you've worked on and hope when your done it would be the most beautiful piece of art i will have ever seen!

Today you came to my school. Joppatowne High, and i was litterally amazed by your work.Thank you from letting me sign it. Makes me feel kinda special.

Steven Fillmore
Hi, today you came to my school, joppatowne high school. you picked me to sign your signature project. i was so excited and very thankful I got to sign an artist's art work.

Jilian Bolls
This project is realy great!

that is so amazing you cam to my school i cant belive your work it blew me away! i hope u come to grangershool in mass AGAIN!

Suha Hafeez
I was at your presentation you did today on 11/29/06 at Brookfield. I love how you explained everything. Their were no questions left for me to ask you. Your Signature Progect was just unbeleivably awsome. You and your brother look soooooooooooo smart! Are you two scientist? When are you coming to Chantilly,VA again because I would love to sign your progect. Email me back if you can. One day I would like to grow up as smart as you!

Chelsea Zeidman
Dear Mr. Patrick Dunning, I am one of the students from Simpson Middle School. I have to say, at the beginning of the assembly I thought "Just another boring assembly!" But really yours was by far THE best EVER!!!!! I was also honored at the end being one of the few students chosen to sign my name the the phenominal painting. Thank you for choosing me. You are an amazing artist and I can't wait to see the final outcome of it in however many years it turns out to be. Once agian thank you for sharing your knowledge and you art with me and my fellow students at Simpson Middle School.

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