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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Veronique Chevalier
As an unaffiliated, freelance facilitator, I always have an eye open for linking like-minded projects/individuals and organizations together. I believe that the Sig Project would mesh well with the global philosophy of Alex Grey and his Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Also, please consider contacting the good folk of The Federation of Damanhur & the Temples of Humankind...Blessings and best wishes.

David Tangren
Your show which i saw in 2006 really inspired me to be a better person. Thank you mr. Dunning

Dorothy Barron-Bryant
Dear Patrick, I'm Dorothy of Bradley school. It was so cool when you made the thingy sound like a motor cycle. This kid named Brandon Bivins thought he through his life away until he saw your performance. Hope you will finish it in a short time. BYE!!!!

Jordyn Haime
My school is doing a signature progect.We are having a little trouble. There's a gorrila in the middle of it, but the foot and the outside is in 1 box. do you do 1 signature there or 2? email back.

Alana Hagerty
Hi. You came to my school (hill middle school, novato california) to show us your project and now all I want to do is sign it. One other thing is I think it's cool that I met someone from Ireland. Because I'm Irish. So thanks again. - Alana Hagerty

Chambray Fehinger
It is me again!! Still lovin the project!!!!

hi thanxs for letting me sighn the project =[)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg im so glad u came to my school

Your presentation just recentley traveled to my school. The show was amazing... the BEST of the year!!! But, i was really upset that only select people got to sign it... you should of have EVERYONE sign it. That way you could get your project done faster... Raven

Thank you, Patrick. After the assembly at Explorer Middle Schhol, i had to come see your website as soon as i got home. I would have to say, You are my FAVORITE artist of all times. Thank you soo much. Oh and one more thing, Give a hug to your cat for me. :+)

yea umm i signed that when youo were at lowerlake high school last year and i was wodering how if i can see my signature

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