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Christine Serica
I am a student at Post Middle School in Arlington, WA. All my friends loved your presentation, and so did I. Your work is very inspiring, and shows us students how much one person could really do. The Signature Project will be a huge success when finished. I love your work! Thank you so much for visiting my school! Good Luck!, Christine

madison mercer
i reeeeeally thought you were weird!!! but u were cool u just came to my skool post middle school!!!! Your project is really cool and i'm very impresssed!! So ya please come again Tell Bailey i said HELLo Madison Mercer POst Middle School 1-18-07

katie estes
i love your drawing when you came to post middle school. it was awesome!!!! hopefully some day i can sign my name on your board!!!

Hannah Johnson
Thank you for your amazing presintation today at our school. I think you have an great idea that is also verry inspiring. I love the painting and I think it is great that you are really devoted to your project. I think that this is an amazing dream and I want you to know that I want to be like you, you are a true inspiration. Thank tou again Mr. Dunning. You really have a brilliant mind.

Alex at Islander Middle School
Mr. Dunning, I wanted to thank you for coming to our school, I not only found your presentation, interesting, it was motivating. I really enjoyed your presentation, and I am glad that my name, along with another million will be able to live on with this spectacular peice of work.

A nice kid from Washington.
Hi. You've never met me but I was in IMS the one you went to on Mercer Island to show your project. I really thought that it was intresting and that it was very kind-hearted of you to actually do that for everyone in the world! I thought that you were very nice to your family to include them in this project and you have a very kind heart to every one in the world. I like how you think about history and science and mix them all into art to make the most beatiful creation. I am a 6th grader and I still have 6 more years of school to go! How is Ireland? and please correct me if I spelled that wrong. You are probably starting to get bored reading this message so I'll stop now.
Hello good design. Very nice. 0n79p7 Enjoy. Goodbay.

Grant Udinski
I just want to say....WOW! What you're doing is really awesome! When you presented to my school about what you were doing, It really lit me up. I think that The Signature Project is the coolest thing ever! It really inspired me to do greater things in life. I really admire you as so does millions of other kids when they learn about what you're doing. I can't wait to see the picture once it's done. Farewell and the best of luck.

Elizabeth S
You came to my middle school in Illinois last year in the fall. I just wanted to say that your presentation was amazing and it made me want to get involved in something like this. Not many would have the patience for an enormous project like this one, but you are pulling it off like no other. I was honored to see it, and I really appreciate you coming. I will never forget you or this project. Best of luck. ~Elizabeth, 13

Matt O'Brien
Patrick, It's wonderful to see your project still going strong after so many years. I recall meeting you in Portland and signing the first panel, then helping you get your first website up and running. The current version of the site is fantastic! I look forward to seeing you and your work again someday and locating my signature. I also plan to purchase a copy of the CD and the great music! Take care and God bless. Matt O'Brien

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