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Truly Thompson, Magnolia, CA
Hello Patrick. My old school was Cottage Hill and I was scrolling down some memories I put in my computer. I came across your websight and decided to look into it again. I am so amazed at how you were able to do that magnificent thing all made up of sigitures! I'm glad that I was there when you came by Cottage Hill and showed how remarkible you are. I'm kinda surprised that I remember you coming to my school and showing us what life is all about. Thanks again! 9-21-06

Hi Patrick!Iv been trying to find this web site for a long long time. Oh I forgot I am Logan. You came to my school once I am a very big fan of your art work. I am eight years old and I would like to chat more with you.

Ashleigh Varga
your signiture project is the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josette Plaster
I loved your assembley Patrick Dunning. From, Josette Plaster. Mullan Road Elementary school, 1st grade

Martie Johnson
I thought the assembly was awesome! you have really good ideas. I wish though that you would post on your site the presentation that you do at the schools so we can show family! love Martie PS I saw you @ Mullan Road school.

Bryn Hines
Thenks for coming to Mullan road School.I told my best friend Emma Herb that this asembly would be boring because it was the first .But,I was so so so so so so wrong this was graet. And emma still bothers me about saying It would be boring. Thanks Alot, Bryn Hines

Peter Finch
Patrick I really liked your cool artwork.Thank you for coming to Mallan Road school. I thought it was funny the way your cat slept.Thank you for teaching about life. 9-20-06

I am a parent from PINE RUN ELEMENTARY, who you met last April. I wanted to let you know the offer still stands for dinner at our house if you are evr in the Bucks County area again. Your presentation has still left an impression on me. It was one of the most creative things I've ever seen! Thanks for making the world a more thoughtful place.

Judy Baker
When you were at Chief Moses Middle School in Moses Lake daughter and her friend go to sign the project..what a thrill for her..thanks for being her in Moses Lake and doing such a wonderful are truley amazing..Myranda Bakers mom

emma herb
I'm a fourth grader at Mullan Road School. This was the most amazing assembly I have ever seen!!! Thank you sooo much! The project was great!

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