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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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I liked your presentation @ Roosevelt Middle School (River Forest) My twin sister (Andrea Bonaccorsi) is one of the people that signed your square. Tell ur brother that he'll be getting a lot of calls, because a ton of kids wrote down his number.

Axel Vargas-Irlanda
I just saw your show at Rosevelt Middle School and loved it. I would love to sigh one of the squares.

Craig Arnold
Hi! I saw your presntation today and was very amazed at that you came up with that idea for a mural. I was the in the back during your 2:00 pm show at St. Peters in Geneva. I loved that there were hidden obejects inside the canvases. I was so glad that you let me sign it. It means alot to me to know that I was part of this project. Thanks!

Jessica Victorin
Hey, just remembering of the day you presented to our graduating class it was the highlight of the year.I mean just the fact that you devoted your life for one simple thing ....your passion for art .....I always beleived the only definition for art is how u define and no one body showed me that meaning excpt for u ...I wish you good luck with the project and may God bless you through your journey...put Him first in all you do ...remember that.

Giuliana Forgione
Hi, You came to my school last year.It was Manchester Township Elementary school.The program was excellent!I am now a sixth grader and still wonder how many more signatures you need to complete the project. Thank you for coming!

Last year I saw the signature project at my school. It was extremely interesting, keep up the good work! I hope I can see it when its finished :)

Mckenzie Barriere
You are so awesome you made me cry. {happy tears} and i am 11 you came to my school avery

I met you at Avery Elementry. I think your great and thanks for the card.

Ryane Botzon from Cayucos California
Hey as an 8th grade student andd it being around 930 am when you visited this school this project touched me and am soo happy that i got to sign it... This isnt just from me its from all of us Danielle Aja Sadee Taylor Clayton Me Wes Dolin Willie and Chris Well i wish you luck on this 10-12-06

Morgan Herbener
At the shcool asembly at two springs elementry I thought your presintation was really cool. Good luck with your project, Patrick Dunning.

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