The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Cameron Ballard
Dear Patrick, yo thanks for letting me sign part of the signature project!!!! ~ cameron from chief moses middle school

kelsie grant
hi patrick, i just wanted to tell you that your project is really cool and how hard it would be to think of all that cool hidden things upon that piece of art. i really would want to see that in person wants it was all the way finished. i also was wondering if somehow you could find your name in the picture on the site. ok bye bye now hope you come again-kelsie

Hi Patrick I thought this was really cool! Do you know what year the project will be done in?

hey patrick i loved your show it was really have some talent i like it .i would love it if you would come back again sometime and share your talent with us .tell your brother i love the music its great.its cool you like the blues cause i think they have cool music nice connection there. well nice seeing u keep in touch and feel free to email anytime!!..thanks sydney [syd]

Tyler Masentan
the assembly at chief moses middle school in Moses Lake, Washington, united states of america was very fasinating and i have sent this .com to my family members.!

Janell Munck
I go to school in Moses Lake, Washington and i just wanted you to know how much i enjoyed your presentation and thought your work was really cool.

colton thompson
hi you came to my school today,chief mo middle school. thanks for comeing even know i didnt get to sign it i enjoyd your show maybe if your ever in moses lake washington you can stop bye and let me sign it, it will be in history,your project i mite think about doing the same thing one day. say hi to youre brother for me and i liked his songs

dear patrick, I loved your show. the music that your brother wrote was beautiful. sincerly, mckenna

Jared Jones
Hey Patrick you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that presentation blew me away!I was siting in the front and let me tell you tha it was fantastic.

Sadie Nielsen
It was awsome when you came to Chief Mo. It was awsome that I got to sign your thing for the art. I really enjoyed the wholke thing because it was like all conected THANKS AGAIN

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