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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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isabella canying
i loved yuor performans at our shool it was terriffic even the popular kids loved it !!!!! u are now a person in my life i will look up to.i am a yung artist studying many other famous ones and u are one of my many favorites i am 12 years old i didnt get to sighn it but i dream of doing so.i hope many people will see the true soul in all your work just like i do

Patrick your picture is full of life.I loved your presentation at Houston Elementry in Acampo.I am curious how do you put the picture together?when I think of that picture I feel happy.I hope you make progres in what you belive in.

Reanna Gray
Hi,I go to Cayucos middle school and im in 8th grade. You did an asembly at my school 09/29/06. I just want you to know that what your doing is very touching and extremly cool! Someday when i have a kids your painting is going to be REALLY famos and im going to tell them proudly "I met that man". i didn't get to sign it but thats ok...thanks I hope everything works out for you -Reanna Gray

Rachael Jelstrom
Hello. Im from Cayucos School. Its a school in California. Im so glad that i got to sign my name in your signature project.

I think its really neat how u set your mind on something. This will one day bea famous piece!!! the best part of it is how you let everyone be involved in this special masterpiece. melanie

Wesley Hill
Thank you so much for letting me sign the project and i hope you can come back to cayucos someday

Dane Doneen
That show u put on was amazing when i told my friends i couldent put it into words

Linda ,Sanford
You came to our small school today in Cayucos,Ca. and my son who is a 4th grader could not stop talking about how cool and how much he enjoyed the assembly today. Just wanted to share this with you.You really left a impression with him. Thanks. 9-30-06

hi, you came to my school two days ago.It was so cool you did a great job.your brothers music was teacher Mr.wold got to sign one of the parts of The Signature Project.but your guitar playing is so cool.i wish i was that good.but I cant find the irish soda bread reciepe.thanks It was so fun and your a great artist!! SINCERELY rikki

Hector (Jay) Solis
Hi Im Jay Solis for lodi california. You went to my school Houston middle/ elementary school today. (9/28/06) I thought what you did was so cool. I told my sister and brother all about you! If you could vist my sister and bothers school Ellerth E. Larson Elementary school in lodi, would be nice. I went there so I think they would really like the presentation. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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