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yoooooooooooooooooooooo! i loved the show

kaitlynn carabajal
Hey Mr.Dunning i really luved ur show.I know how u pulled out the heart from the picture. sincerally ur biggest fan. lol

I really like your thing magig how you use names to do the picture. I like how you figerd out that the brig can make a whole eye that reflekses with the water. I like when you put the music when we were coming in and when we were going in to the gym and how you put the hand in the post and you trased yourm body.I hope you come again.OH I like how you called your brother.

Patrick, I liked how you made the Irish eye it looked realy cool!Also I liked your fathers face and how you made a spot for the people who died.The sounds were cool too!I think you are two kinds of an artist a music one (ps I loved your brothers music and when you and your brother sang together over the phone!) and a paintig one!I was really lucky to have you come to my school, Mckinney!you are number one at being two artist i also liked your acsent Ireland rocks!I'm Irish too and i knew that lulaby it was in Narnia too!I also loved your picture from New york alot!!I hope you are glad you got a long message yyyyyyooooooooooooo!lol from, Karina

I like your art. and your music.


Mackenzie McClane
First of all I have a question

Mackenzie McClane
First of all I have a question how do you find out who the people are who wrote their names on the "signature project" on your website. Second my parents and I want you to know that you are sooooooooo cool and verrrrrrry funny just like my dad!Also remember this Yoooooooooooooooooo! bye for now. But i'll write you everyday tomarrow my best friend Alena is coming over and we can both write to you! And I promise everyday I will always put this on my to-do list. OKay I guess it's time to say good bye but remember to tell me were I can find all the names very close up. Bye! Love, Mackenzie McClane

I really liked your show at my scool Clyde Hill.I hope you can come back.

alex from lake grove school
will you come to my house so my famliy can sign it that was so cool! I realy like the music and technology.and yoooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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