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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Someone in Moses Lake (O.O)
...that is COOL BEANS what your doing it seems like life has many ways of making us joyfull

u rock dude yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

thanks for coming to our school the project was awesome i like wat your doing maybe some day ill do somthing like that (logan may lander wyoming)


Sarah Gallopo
Hi Patrick, My name is Sarah. You came to our school a couple months ago. Our shool is called Green Hills School. A couple of the 4th grade tachers sighned. I think it is really great of what your doing. bye, Sarah Gallopo {new jersey}

Marie King
Hey Patrick, You came to my High school on our first day. You presentation has inspired me and i want to thank you for comming you made my year at good ole Riverton High. I think what your doing is something incredible and i can't wait to see the finished product and feel blessed to have seen this wondurful piece of life while it was in progress. so once again thanks very very much for comming to my school and letting riverton be involed. God Bless you and your art! always Marie L. King

Tim Green
Mr. Dunning, The following are some letters that my students wrote after your presentation. I told them that I would make sure you got them. By the way, I have been teaching 20 years and that was the best presentation I have seen. Good luck and God Speed!! Dear Mr. Dunning, Hi! My name is Fredde Armajo. I am in 7th grade at Starrett Junior High School. Today my school saw your presentation. I thought it was way awesome!I liked when you showed the hand. I also play the flute and I wish I could play as good as your brother. Where do you find the people who sign your picture? Where did you come up with the idea of doing a picture of signatures? I really enjoyed your show. Good luck with your picture. Sincerely, Fredde Armajo P.S. What happens when someone messes up? Dear Mr. Patrick Dunning, Thanks for your presentation. It was awesome! I have thought of another reason for the motion sound machine. It could be an alarm for when someone gets too close. Plus, where a

Rachael cardenas
thank you so much patrick, for coming to starret jounior highschool and giving us the presentation. you know, i thought it was gonna b so stupid, i was going to ditch, but i'm really glad i didn't. your presentation made me feel like i could make a difference in the world and accomplish my goals, thank you. And it made me apreciate art more than i did before!!!

Brian A. J. Jeffery
This is a student from Wind River school and I LOVED, with a Double L, Your show!!!Itwould Be AUSOUME If I could sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Patrick: I am an old friend of Brians from Scottsdale AZ (originally from Elgin Scottland) & I am trying to reach him. Could you please pass along my e-mail to him. I would greatly appreciate it! THANKS!!!!! Blessings, Hugh

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