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Laura Lynne Wilder
Dear Patrick Dunning, your performence at my school Popular Ave. was the most amazing thing i have ever saw.When you were talking about your father it almost made me cry well it did make me cry because well your father died and i don't know my father i don't know if he is alive or not .When i was a baby my father almost killed my mother.I was coverd in blood but it was not my blood i was my moms blood.I had no scratch on me even though my dad was throwing tables at my mom when i was in her arms.It just when you talked it seemed like you made life so easy.I said hi to you i am the one you called miss in your face.FRom one of you millions of fans Laura L. Wilder.

Charisma Marie Rose Elizabeth Shadle
Dear Patrick Dunning, Thank you for coming to my school Poplar Avenue and showing us an amazing art of work it was so wonderful and it was very beautiful just like the eye hanging off the bridge. Oh your cat baely is very cute and your city is a really cool place too. And I think your brother can play his intrement good too. Well I got to go,bye.

Jesus Lopez
You Were so cool at the assembly yesterday at Poplar


samantha mc. donald
you are such a good artist. you came to my school won time and it was awsome.

Stefani Joy DenArend
Dear Mr. Dunnings, You came to my school today at Poplar Ave. School and i almost cried when you talked about life and death. My cat, Sassy, lived only to be hit by a car. But the rest of your show was veeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy neat!!!!!!!! One of your millions of fans, Stefani J. DenArend


Kira Thompson
hey this site is really cool. I love the songs that you played at the assembly.

Candy Raleigh
Dear Mr. Dunning, Thank you so much for sharing your project with us.It is really an amazing thing that you are doing. My class would like to express to you their favorite parts. The blues- simran d. When you made the music- miguel l When you threw the heart- trinidad The blues- noah When you called your brother and played the guitar- ryanne When you played the guitar- krystal s. When you showed the picture of your dad- larissa It made me happy, i liked seeing the names- janet When you sang the blues- sergio When you played you guitar the music sounded good- alyssa When you played the guitar- noor Guitar- ana When you took out your heart- josephina When you showed the picture of your dad and did the trick with the heart- krystal g When you played the blues- jade

Luis O Rojas
I liked your presentation in the heart part when you got a little heart, ,i liked the rocket

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