The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Cody Green
Hey Patick! I lovd your presentation!It was soooo cool! My favorite part was the Lander kicks Riverton's butt!!! That was a really inspiring show! Thx a bunch!!

Erika Gonzales
I really apprectiated the Morse Code painting for your father. It made me want to do something in honor of my father, who passed away six years ago. And it really made me realize that no matter if your parents are gone or not, they are proud of you no matter how many mistakes you make and that you have so many genes from your parents. And i want to thank you for that all that you have done. Keep the work up. Love, Erika

Peace Dude! Your show totally rocked. Wahoo

Kendra Siebigteroth
Waz up dwag! Loved your totally gangsta show! Yeah, I don't really talk like that! But your show inspired me! Your kitty is soooooooo CUTE!! My favorite part was the "Lander kicks Rivertons Butt!" Your presentaion rocked!

Hi. This project is way awesome.

Mar Mar
Wow! what you have done is sooo, amazing. I think it's super neat you put so many things in one piece of art.

Ora Morris
WOW! I loved your presentation! You were so engaging for our students! I don't think that I have ever heard such quiet in an assembly! Thank you so much for sharing your project and your life with us at Starrett Junior High in Lander, Wyoming! I enjoyed how you have incorporated your family into your project and have taught the value of family by doing so. Please keep it up, we will be following your progress. I was especially touched by the fact that each picture is not only one picture, but a work of art including many layers of meaningful art. A true wonder and an awesome surprise! Also, the music was wonderful! Thank you for the good feelings you left here with us! Ora

Marco Iachini
Hi patrick, i'm an exchange student in Riverton High School and I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your presentation of the Signature Project it's a neat idea! Good job!

Coley Nicholls
qwertyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuiopasdfgh awsome dude

Graci Day
waddup wankster hows it goin mayne i was jus bored yo n i thought i would check out yo gangsta page its pretty tight yo keep up da work homie

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