The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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I love your artwork so much!! It's funny how my name is the name of your cat.Bailey!!!LOL!!!

jordan and blake

helllo I really liked your show! It is very interesting how you could make so many things happen in one single picture

Brian O'Rourke
Hello my name is Brian O'Rourke as you mite know from my name, I'm Irish like you.I'm from clyde hill.One of the schools you visited was Clyde hill Elementry. I love your project I hope you'll come to Bellevue again. Thank You

I think it is a really exiting that you're making Art out of peoples signatures

alissa castleman
thank you

Alex Simmons
I really liked your paintings and I think you are really cool! Thank you for coming to Clyde Hill Elementary!

Katie Hallenbeck
Hey!! Patrick you came to my school awhile ago but i still remeber waht u said. I liked hearing what u had to say. I think your haritage is really cool and its great your teaching us in a fun way. I wish i could have signed the picture, but i am glad my school is on the picture. I went to PLano Middle School and i know were a hard group, but you were a great person and i am glad you had a sense of humor. I hope you keep suceeding in your picture and keep telling people your story because i know people will listen and you will not be forgotton Glad you were there! Hope to see you maybe again. you really enspired me. From, Katie H. Plano Middle School P.S. I will always follow me dreams and make it happen. I also loved your eye picture with the sunrise. thanks again!!!

Adinideen Nez
I just loved the show you put up at Valley High School. The art and music was so amazing! After the show was over my friend and i were so happy we got a chance to see your project. It gave us a wonderful feeling. i would like to thank you for sharing your artistic abilities.

hay patrick i was at mckinney school i really liked your art. I really liked the part with the eye and the bridge. When it camaflauged on the water.

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