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I just whatched the presataion at Clyde Hill eleamentry. It was great also when i showed my mom the site she wish she was there at clyde hill. Well thanks for coming sincerly, Charlie P.S Sorry i quickly wrote this, so ignor the bad spelling.

Griffin Dugan
I think that your assembly was GREAT! I love how much you care about your father, and your brouther is really good, you must be proud. And I love all the art you do. Thanks.

Rachel Harmeyer
Hi Patrick, I am a kid from Clyde Hill Elementary, you preformed at our school today! I think it was a very good assembely! I would really like to sign your Signature Project, but I probably cannot! My favorite part of the assebely was the Motercycle noise! That was so cool! It did really sound like a real Motercycle! I think this was the most fabulous thing I have ever seen! I hope you email me back! Bye! ~Thanks~

Logan Age:9 Clyde Hill Element.
Dear Mr.Dunning, Do you remember your Dad and his grandson? How they never met? Me and my brother can relate. Our Grandpa Bill died of Alzheimer's Disese before I was born. Plus,my brother's younger than me, so he didn't meet Grandpa Bill either.

Gavin Baker
YoPat Please come to Clyde Hill again Hot Chick!We love you!Go bro,Bailey,and the blues!

Marda Barton
I saw your phenomenal show today at Clyde Hill Elementary School in Bellevue. I was amazed at your ingenuity and talent.I would love for my entire family to see this same show I witnessed today. Is there a future show else where that we could attend? Do you perform anywhere outside of the schools? Please let me know so I can share this wonderful project with my family. Thank you, Marda Barton

Hi I love your art. YYYYYYYooooooooooooooo

hey pat i realy loved the music that you and your brother did goog by

i love your art. you are my favorite!

u were at my school clde hill

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Home Comments Booking Info. Off-Broadway 2018 Tickets