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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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i loved your presentation!!!! i go to plano middle school and i liked how you said that we kick sandwitches butt!!! oh... you speak the truth. but i wish that we could have all signed it... we got out of alot of class so that was cool. please email me back!!!!!! Emily

Kayla Boatman
yo yo yo home dawg!I loved your performance at our school the other day! you must have put a lot of time and effort into this to help people look at things a different way!

Aaron Kubisak
I was at your Plano Middle School presentation. I thought it was absolutely terrific! I was impressed by the eye thing with the bridge.I also liked the morse code painting of your father

jordan mahara
hey i loved the presentation i go to plano middle school my favorite part was how u painted a picture of your father in moris code i thought that was the coolest thing ever i really enjoied the presentation i hope that one day i can sign a part of the picture i wonder how long it would take to finish it. i also like the part with the motercycle and the cops every one in my class thought that was interesting and it sounded so real that one of the lunch ladies poked their head in to see what was going on it was funny if you have time email me i would like to know alittle bit more about you and your art thank for coming to our school i really liked it thanks sincerley, jordan mahara

Darcy Vaughn and Nichole Nelson
Your slideshow was amazing. you must have a lot of free time on your hands to be doing all of that. <33

Hi!!! I really enjoyed your show!!! It was very interesting, I was amazed about how many signatures you received. I would love to travel a round the world like you do and meet so many people. Have you ever met anyone really famous? My family is from Ireland! I really want to go there sometime!!! Well, I just wanted to say thank you for comming to Plano Middle School!!! thanks, Caitlin

Haley Kerry
You just came to my school in Plano, Il. It was an amazing show! I have never seen anything like this one in my life... usually they are just soo.. boring... the most kool part was when ever you touched something... it like barked or talked or made a noise!!! WoW!! And the heart beat thing was amazing... only itscared me a little! LOL... I loved how you base every thing on something thats ineresting to you... and turn it into a painting... and how you just work with something and keep it going! Man... I could never do that... so hard... Well... my time has come... I g2g now... LOL... buh byes!!!!Hope you never give up your dreams...

Shelby Zimmerman
I really enjoyed your performance today at Plano Middle School. It was a real honor for you to come. I really can't wait for your project to be finished, it will be cool. Your brother is an awesome flute player. I also play the flute. I think your cat, Bailey, is cute. You really put on an amazing show for all of us to enjoy! I will never forget it. It touched many people's hearts. Thank you so much!!!

katie baker of plano middle school, IL
You are an amasing person and I love what you are doing. I also love the music you played, it was awsome.Well thank you for coming to our school and showing us your work.I hope I can see the finished product some day.Oh and I still can't figure out why you would put all hard work in boxes. you should display it somewere where every one can see the whole thing, but I am sure that there is a reason to it all.Thanks Again!!!!!!!<3

I loved your performence it was the best it was funny and at the same time very intersting I like the way u did it and I hope I could see it one more time.Plano middle school and I thanks you for you coming to our school! =)

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