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Hello Patrick, You spoke at my school today and i thought it was very very interesting and fascinating. The way you are putting all the names of people into making one picture is amazing and i loved the serets hidden behind them. Also i loved the music you and your brother from Ireland played for us. By the way i go to Goetz Middle School. Thanks for coming and hope you finish soon! 05-02-2006

james cucinotta
hello...i was at the acembly at C.W Goetz middle school today(may 2) and i think this is a great idea the only thing i didnt like was you only let the teachers sign...i wanted to sign it and so didnt some on my friends... i think you have a very artistic mind... I enjoyed your acembly...

superman or kalla
i think lepercons are cool and i really have seen in person some one go 145mph on a street bike. that eye was amazing work to great job don't give up

That was so cool when u took the heart out of the white pice of paper.Also when u pulled the heart out of your chest.

You came to my school today. (May 2nd) You were amazing. Many of my friends completely agree. One day, I wish to to sign. But if i don't, I'm glad I got to see history. I cannot wait to see "The Signature Project" ! Excellent!

David Astorita
You gave me a presentation of your work and it truey was amazing it was great, I am looking to be an artist and you have inspired me to do better things Thanks

hey u came to my school and i liked the presentation and did u really call ur brother from our school if u did that was pretty amazing.

Hey patrick, i just saw your presentation at goetz middle school in jackson NJ, i am so jealous of your amasing creativity, the fact that you can see so many different things in different lights is mind blowing. i was also wondering where this wonderful piece of art will be on display when it is done or where people can sign, it i would love to be apart of this historical masterpiece see ya later, Chris 5/2/06

Brendan Woods
I am a student of P.S.53 Bay terrace school.I loved,LOVED,LOVED,LOVED,your show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It was amazing!I plan to go to Ireland some day since I am 100% Irish!!!!I will never forget your show and project!!!You are one talented man....(I loved the music you played)(the bridge was cool to)

I loved your picture it is so cool that you can do that! I loved it! I am Irsh too. I am red haired with green eyes :). well any way i loved it <3 bye !

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