The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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jerry arruda
Oh shit son! that was off the motherfuckin hook!

Justin Rivera
Was good, Patrick, That presentation was off the chain!! It was hot! I enjoyed myself very much and good luck in finishing the whole thing!

I think that this presentation was outstanding.You make Irish people feel good about there culture and be proud of there beutiful contury(IRLAND).I wish you great turn outs in your projects. KEEP ON EXPERICEING YOUR FELLS OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamilet Perez
Hey diz jamilet Perez just tryin to email u to tell u that i like ur signature project show and that i enjoy it a lot it was a lot of fun and that i just want u to now i'm happy for u cuz i know that u spend a lot of time on diz just so u could make it good so hope i see u next time bye...

Thelia Dorvil-Sims
i really enjoyed ur presentation at dr.horton. i am a person that is intrested in art too. p.s write me back i would like to know how far ur getting with the project because of the amount of years(14 years) u've been working on "The Signature Project".

hemchen Ramkishun
I think that your project looks great or more then great !!! so was the perscution. When you finish it it would be observed by people all over the world !!! Thanks for coming to Dr.horton (the best school in the USA)

anneiceia wiltshire
i think your presentation was awsome and i would love to see it when you are done with it the part with your cat,i have a cat too and it is alot of responsibility and i'm just wondreing how do you do it?say hi to your brther for me. or you coiuld just type me back.

victor milla
hey i really like your show i injoy it i think is a very hard work and it takes a lot of time.So i like how you present your and how hard you worked on it so thank you for stoping by and wich you good luck for the next 14 years bye have a nice day.

kevin palhinha
i think this is a good theing to do and i how u can finsh it so we can see it and i hope one day u can cume back so u can let us sign it for u... thanks for cumeing to our school and show all the cool things that u mad over the years.....good luck with your project

joshua perez
i think the project that u are doing is a great idea the things u do with the earth and sun with the acryllic names i do with shirts i love what u do and i hope u are done with the project soon and good luck

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