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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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addil khan
I am from Dr.william.H.Horton amd i thik your play was fabulious I hope tou come again to our school once again thank you bye

jillian desantis
patrick dunning i admire your work it is asome i hope i see you again thank you patrick dunning

Barnabas Boye
I really enjoyed your show today at my school which is Dr. William H Horton school. I wish you the best and hope you finish this project safely.

I hope it works out for you. Will you come back to Pine Run again? Pleeeeeeeeeese!!!!!!!!!!!????? By the way canyou send me your e-mal address?

im froim dr.horton i really like your was great

Sharon Clark
Hello mr. Dunning. This is Sharon clark from Dr.William H. Horton school in Newark New Jersey.I found your presentation vere inspirational.I think it was a good idea to do your own mini memorial for the people who died and honor your family in the celerbration of life. I couldn't leave my signature, but it would nice if you can write mine in your spare time. Keep the good idwa's flowing and continue your project. sincerely, Star.

Hey Patrick! The presentation you gave was phenominal! I really enjoyed how you tied the world of entertainment and learning into one. Hope you pass by again to our school. And that this work will go history. ~1~ P.S Thans for letting me sign my name!

Jerry Arruda
hey whats up you didnt let me sign my name :( i think what you are doing is very interesting i think its really cool that your painting involves many people and has many different meanings i beleive what you are doing will go down in history as one of the greatest art projects ever from Dr William H horton -Jerry

Jamal Mohammed
Your show was the best I ever seen. I hope you finish soon and wish you luck. I am from Dr.William H. Horton school. P.S. I hope I could one day sign my name on your project

Your presentation was very facinated. I really enjoyed it :)Its so cool knowing there is so much you can do with a piece of art work. Your piece of art work was unique and with the hidden messages and symbols was even more splendid... thx for putting on such a entertaining presentation!!!

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