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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Deane Imfeld/GW MIddle School
Today's presentation was amazing. I was truly surprised at the amount of time and planning that you have put into your life project. It is a inspiring idea about the important apects in life and the BIG PICTURE of it all. Thank you for bringing it to our students and I was honored to be one of the signatures!!

You were at the school where I currently work in Wayne, NJ and I must say what I saw was beyond believable. You are one of the few people in the world that will go on with experiences beyond the average persons comprehension. Thank you for sharing and explaining your vision to people worldwide.

yooo man. awesome presentation !! love yu bye

Hey Man, On may 8th at BCMS i saw ur presintation at my school. I was so cool. The best part was when you did the thing with the motor cycle! I was awsome. I would love to see the DVD when it is done.

Jackie F.R.
Hey, I saw you're assembly, at BCMS in NJ, and I was just amazed. I wasn't expecting an amazing assembly. Me and my friend were talking after the show about how that during life we'll appreciate it more and live every day, year, month, minute, hour, and second to the best as if it was the last. You have changed my perspective of life.

i really enjoyed your presintation out our school! Ithink your project is AMAZING!

hey. you are such an amazing guy. your proformance moved me. i love how you devote your life to the signature project. let's face it, simply love you!

Scott Dubarry
Thanks alot for coming to BCMS NJ on may 8 2006.The show you put on was wonderful.The painting is a spectacular idea and My only wish is to create somthing that is even equaly amazing in my life. your show made your entire time on eath look like a great piece of artwork. I hope to one day have explored evn half of what you have.And to think yor motive for this immence project was somthing as so simple and obvious as life. good and bad times. life and death.I wish with all my heart that yor project gets completed superbly with no problems at all and i get to meet you again.You are such an intresting person and i hope i get a response thanks

Anthony Soares
Hi im Anthony Soares from Kutz Elementry and from the slides you showed Ireland looked pretty cool and I would like somemore info. and pictures of the country

stephanie dubarry
your project is soooooo amazing and inspirering and i wish i too was as creative and imaginitive (excuse my spelling) thank you for visiting bcms today too ( best school ever!!!) and deepest sympathy for your father. :(

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