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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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this is coolllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are one of the most genious persons I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I applaud and admire your immense creativity. Your prodject really amazed me, even inspired me to look deeper in myself. I saw your show today, 5/5/06, and I must say it made my day. I know your work will continue to inspire people the world over. Good luck in the future!

Jeff Schroeder
I saw you in my school today. You were AMAZING!!! My sister lives outside of Eugene. I loved your program today. It is something that I won't forget. Thanks for the expierence.

Josh Roeloffs
Hey, I saw your presentation at Warren Hills High School and was amazed. I have never seen anything so interesting. It takes a lot of skill and imagination to come up with such ideas. Who would ever thought of putting a handless music instrument into a painting. Not only does your art bring across a message through the picture but through the music and moris code. You are a brilliant person and I thank you for visting.

i saw ur presentation at our school it was awsome , keep up the wrok i definatly want to see what this thing actually looks like when its done

Patrick McNamara
Hi I liked the assembly at Goetz.... just wish I could've signed it though. My family is really IrIsH. We make irish soda bread with a different recipe though, but it still has the cross. I'm Irish too! Ireland is awesome!

Brian Sela
Dear Patrick I'm 6 years old,you came to my school P.S53.I loved your show,I hope you can come again.

Caitlyn and Carrie F.
Hello Patrick! Im happy you came to our Highschool Warren Hills. We loved the show and your art work. Also my sister got to sing your project. We think your art work is very creative and clever. Also that it was the most coolest assembely we ever had at our school. You should come back next year. We like your brothers music too. That art would go down in history and so would you. From, Caitlyn & Carrie F.

Gina Varamo
You're project was SO incredibly amazing!! It blew my mind all of the time and thought that went into the piece..the presentation almost brought me to tears honestly haha! Connecting all of i was amazed and enjoyed every minute of it! I love it its a great idea and I wish you ALL of the best with the rest of the signatures.

where can i find a picture of the eye on the bridge? thanks

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